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Ecology conferences worldwide

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October 2015
6th 9th International Conference Innovative Solutions for Revitalisation of Degraded Areas Chorzów, Poland
11th International Conference on Latest Trends in Food, Biological and Ecological Sciences (ICLTFBE'15) Oct. 11-12, 2015 Dubai (UAE) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
12th Canadian International Conference on Agriculture & Fisheries 2015 Toronto, Canada
22nd The 2015 ICBTS International Business Management Research Conference in Berlin Berlin, Germany
23rd 2015 5th International Conference on Environment and BioScience (ICEBS 2015) Beijing, China
29th Reconfiguring Human and Non-Human: Texts, Images and Beyond Jyväskylä, Finland
29th International Conference of Aquaculture Indonesia (ICAI) 2015 October 29-31, 2015 Jakarta, INDONESIA Jakarta, Indonesia
29th 2015 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Conversation (ICREC 2015) Bucharest, Romania
November 2015
9th 2015 3rd International Conference on Agriculture and Biotechnology (ICABT 2015) Jinju, Korea (south)
12th International Conference – Environment at a CrossrOads: SMART approaches for a sustainable future Bucharest, Romania
13th 7th International Conference on Healthcare and Life Science Research (ICHLSR), 13-14, November, 2015, Singapore Singapore, Singapore
17th Bridges and not walls - Philological Seminar Pila, Poland
19th CUI '15 / III. Contemporary Urban Issues Conference Istanbul, Turkey
22nd Fourth International Conference on Climate Change Adaptation 2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka
23rd AVTECH '15 / III. Automotive and Vehicle Technologies Conference Istanbul, Turkey
23rd 2015 4th International Conference on Mechanics and Control Engineering (ICMCE 2015) Lisbon, Portugal
23rd 2015 the 5th International Conference on Power and Energy Systems (ICPES 2015) Lisbon, Portugal
23rd 2nd Annual International Conference on Ecology, Biodiversity and Environment (CEBE 2015) Singapore, Singapore
25th International Conference on Science, Healthcare, Engineering and Computer Science Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
26th IX World Aqua Congress New Delhi, India
27th METECH '15 / III. International Conference on Innovative Materials and Structures Technologies in Metallurgical Engineering Istanbul, Turkey
30th 2015 International Conference on Research in Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (RCBEE'2015) Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2015 Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
30th International Conference on Civil, Agricultural & Environmental Engineering (CAEE-15) Istanbul-Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
December 2015
1st The 2015 International Conference Sustainable Development Business Marketing in Paris Paris, France
3rd 2015 International Conference on Food, Ecological and Life Sciences (FELS-2015) Antalya, Turkey Dec. 3-4, 2015 Antalya, Turkey
6th 2015 The 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy Technologies (ICRET 2015) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
9th Asian Conference on Social Sciences, Health and Environment (ACOSSHE 2015) Taipei, Taiwan
15th International Conference on Modern Research in Agricultural science and Environment Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
23rd 5th International Conference on Agricultural, Ecological and Medical Sciences (AEMS-2015) Dec. 23-24, 2015 Dubai (UAE) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
25th 2nd International Conference on Advances in Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering (ACBEE-15) Dec. 25-26, 2015 Dubai (UAE) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
26th 12th International Conference on Researches in Engineering, Technology and Sciences (ICRETS), 26-27, December 2015, Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
31st 3rd International Conference on Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Sciences (ICCBES’15) Dec. 31, 2015-Jan. 1, 2016 Bangkok (Thailand) Bangkok, Thailand
January 2016
2nd 2nd International Conference on Bio-Medical Engineering and Environmental Technology (BMEET-16) Jan. 2-3, 2016 Pattaya (Thailand) Pattaya, Thailand
5th 2016 International Conference on Agricultural, Environmental and Civil Engineering (AECE-2016) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Jan. 5-6, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10th 2016 2nd International Conference on Innovations in Chemical, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (ICICAE'2016) Jan. 10-11, 2016 Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates
10th International Conference on Civil, Architecture and transportation Engineering (CATE-16) Dubai - UAE Dubai, United Arab Emirates
10th International Conference on Genetics, Biological & Life Sciences (GBLS-16) Dubai-UAE Dubai, United Arab Emirates
12th 3rd International Conference on Advances in Environment, Agriculture & Medical Sciences (ICAEAM'16) Jan. 12-13, 2016 Dubai - UAE Dubai, United Arab Emirates
12th 2016 2nd International Conference on Environment and Bio-Engineering (ICEBE 2016) Penang, Malaysia
13th 2016 6th International Conference on Applied Physics and Mathematics (ICAPM 2016) Singapore, Singapore
22nd 2016 The 3rd International Conference on Physical Science and Technology (ICPST 2016) Torino, Italy
23rd 2016 6th International Conference on Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics (ICBBB 2016) Pattaya, Thailand
February 2016
1st 2016 5th International Conference on Clean and Green Energy - ICCGE Rome, Italy
2nd 2016 4th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - ICBCB Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4th 3rd International Conference on Civil, Biological and Environmental Engineering (CBEE-2016) Bali, Indonesia
20th 14th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Technology (GSUS), 20-21 February 2016, Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates
21st 11th International Conference on Healthcare and Biological Research (ICHBR), Dubai, 21-22 February 2016 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
26th International Conference on Healthcare, Applied Science and Engineering Singapore, Singapore
March 2016
12th 2016 6th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology - ICBET Singapore, Singapore
12th 2016 7th International Conference on Food Engineering and Biotechnology - ICFEB Singapore, Singapore
16th 35th International Conference on Organizational Science Development Portoroz, Slovenia
17th New Perspectives in Science Education Conference 5th edition Florence, Italy
23rd 2016 3rd International Conference on Chemical and Biological Sciences - ICCBS Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 2016
7th At the World's End: Contemporary art, visual culture and extinction studies. Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, 2016 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
May 2016
8th EMBO | EMBL Symposium: New Model Systems for Linking Evolution and Ecology Heidelberg, Germany
8th The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference 2016 Baltimore, United States of America
June 2016
1st 2016 Conference on Biodiversity and Ecosystems Vienna, Austria
6th Agriculture and Food 2016, 4th International Conference Elenite, Bulgaria
7th Waste Management 2016 Valencia, Spain
8th Environmental Impact 2016 Valencia, Spain
9th Ecology and Safety 2016, 25th International Conference Elenite, Bulgaria
10th The Creativity Workshop in New York - June 10 - 13, 2016 New York, United States of America
16th ARCHDESIGN ’16 / 3rd Architectural Design Conference Istanbul, Turkey
20th Air Pollution 2016 Crete, Greece
27th Water Pollution 2016 Venice, Italy
27th Urban Water 2016 Venice, Italy
29th Flood Risk Management and Response 2016 Venice, Italy
July 2016
13th Eco-Architecture 2016 Alicante, Spain
27th 8th International Congress of Environmental Research Luebeck, Germany
October 2016
27th 9th International Neuroscience and Biological Psychiatry Conference "Stress and Behavior" (China and South East Asia) Zhanjiang, China
December 2016
6th Sustainable Development and Planning 2016 Penang, Malaysia
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