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2015 The 2nd International Conference on Advances in History of Sciences (ICAHS 2015)
25th March 2015
Singapore, Singapore
Conference papers can be selected and published into International Journal of Culture and History (IJCH), which will be indexd by Google Scholar, DOAJ, Engineering & Technology Digital Library, Crossref, ProQuest.

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December 2014
19th GAIN 2014 International Conference on Governance and Innovation BARD Comilla, Bangladesh
21st Rethinking Politics and Political culture in Everyday Lives Vienna, Austria
27th 2014 4th International Conference on Languages, Literature and Linguistics - ICLLL2014 Phuket Island, Thailand
27th 2014 3rd International Conference on Sociality and Humanities - ICOSH2014 Phuket Island, Thailand
January 2015
2nd 5th International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences (ICASS, Bangkok) Bangkok, Thailand
6th icCSBs 2015 The Annual International Conference on Cognitive - Social, and Behavioural Sciences Nicosia, Cyprus
6th International Conference on Education, Law and Humanities (ICELH) Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand
9th 2015 4th International Conference on Government, Law and Culture - ICGLC 2015 Doha, Qatar
14th Transatlantic Connections Conference Ireland Bundoran, Ireland
16th The Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food Amsterdam, Netherlands
17th 2015 2nd International Conference on Culture, Knowledge and Society - ICCKS 2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
17th 2015 2nd International Conference on History and Culture - ICHC 2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
18th WEI Multidisciplinary Conference on Education and Humanities(Barcelona) Barcelona, Spain
19th Literature, travel and cultural tourism in Brazil, France and Portugal Lisbon, Portugal
23rd New Pathways in the History of Political Economy Cambridge, United Kingdom
30th International Seminar on Media Initiative for Peace and Communal Harmony in North East India Silchar, Assam, India, India
February 2015
4th 2015 2nd International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts - ICLLA 2015 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
5th VI. European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences Selcuk (Ephesus), Turkey
12th 2015 1st Journal Conference on Social Science and Humanity (JCSSH 2015 1st) Amsterdam, Netherlands
14th 6th International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences surabaya, Indonesia
25th A Digital Preservation Government Assembly Canberra, Australia
26th 4th International Conference Buddhism & Australia Perth, Australia
26th The International Society for the Social Studies Annual Conference Orlando, United States of America
27th International Research Conference on Business, Economics and Social Sciences, IRC-2015 Istanbul, Turkey
March 2015
8th 2015 2nd International Conference on World Islamic Studies (ICWIS 2015) Seoul, Korea (south)
8th 2015 4th International Conference on Humanity, History and Society (ICHHS 2015) Seoul, Korea (south)
13th ISLAMISM AND POST-ISLAMISM: Religious and Political Transformations in Muslim Societies Kingston, Canada
14th 1st Global Conference: Happiness Lisbon, Portugal
14th 8th Global Conference: Interculturalism, Meaning and Identity Lisbon, Portugal
18th 4th Global Conference: Communication and Conflict Lisbon, Portugal
18th 5th Global Conference: Spirituality in the 21st Century Lisbon, Portugal
19th WEI Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Education&Humanities(Athens) Athens, Greece
20th Othello's Island: Medieval and Renaissance Arts, Culture and History 2015 Nicosia, Cyprus
21st Acceleration of History Nicosia, Cyprus
22nd 2nd Global Conference: Letters and Letter Writing Lisbon, Portugal
22nd 5th Global Conference: Trauma: Theory and Practice Lisbon, Portugal
22nd 4th Global Conference: Monstrous Geographies Lisbon, Portugal
23rd Spring Academy Heidelberg, Germany
25th 2015 The 2nd International Conference on Advances in History of Sciences (ICAHS 2015) Singapore, Singapore
25th 2015 International Conference on Learning and Teaching (ICLT 2015) Singapore, Singapore
26th The First World War: Local, Global and Imperial Perspectives Newcastle, Australia
27th Annual English Interdisciplinary Conference Laramie, United States of America
27th International Conference on Contesting ‘Self’ and ‘Other’: Identities of Caste, Tribe, Gender and Beyond Diphu, Assam, India, India
April 2015
9th 2015 4th International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture (ICLMC 2015) Kyoto, Japan
9th 2015 5th International Conference on Social Science and Humanity (ICSSH 2015) Kyoto, Japan
9th Revisioning Space(s), Time and Bodies State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
10th International Conference on Humanities,Literature and Education New York, United States of America
12th WEI Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Education&Humanities(Vienna) Vienna, Austria
14th Rome 15th International Academic Conference - The IISES Rome, Italy
15th Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) 68th Annual Conference Chicago, United States of America
15th 9th International IDEA Conference "Studies in English" Malatya, Turkey
19th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (Vienna) Vienna, Austria
20th International Conference for Arts, Social Work and Education Bangkok, Thailand
23rd "The Holocaust and the Contemporary World" - Interdisciplinary Conference Krakow, Poland
23rd 7th ICBCB conference ALMATY, Kazakhstan
24th International Academic Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
24th Fifth International Conference After Communism. East and West under Scrutiny Craiova, Romania
25th Second International Conference on Culture and Cultural Policies Vienna, Austria
May 2015
2nd Pluralism: Addressing the Challenges of the Modern Nation-State / The Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship Project Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
4th Life on Earth and Beyond Ven, Sweden
6th 2015 International Conference on Culture, Society and Humanity (ICCSH 2015) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
6th 15th International Cultural Studies Symposium “Culture and Space” Izmir, Turkey
6th CFP Graphic Novels and The(ir) World: The Graphic Novel Project Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
7th CfP: Alliances: Un/Common Causes and the Politics of Participation Berlin, Germany
8th The Origin of Life Höör, Sweden
9th Revestment Symposium Douglas, United Kingdom
10th Conceptions of Whiteness: White Privilege The Images of Whiteness Project Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
12th 16th International Academic Conference, Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands
12th IISES 16th International Academic Conference Amsterdam, Netherlands
14th PHILHIST '15 / History of Philosophy Conference on Interactions in the History of Philosophy Istanbul, Turkey
15th 2015 International Conference on Language Communications and Culture (ICLCC 2015) Rome, Italy
18th WEI Multidisciplinary Conference on Education and Humanities(Prague) Prague, Czech Republic
18th "Destiny - Coincidence - Contingency" Interdisciplinary Conference Warsaw, Poland
20th Fashion Through History. Costumes, Symbols, Communication Rome, Italy
21st 1st International Symposium: Re-Founding Democracy Barcelona, Spain
21st Childhood and Old Age in Historiography Lublin, Poland
23rd Second International Conference on Media and Popular Culture Vienna, Austria
26th Civil Unrest and Socio-Political Changes: Marginalisation, Disintegration, Exclusion Tbilisi, Georgia
29th Symposium on Business and Economic History 2015 Lisbon, Portugal
29th IInd International Numismatic Conference Pecunia Omnes Vincit. The coins as an evidence of propaganda, reorganization and forgery Cracow, Poland
June 2015
3rd 2015 3rd International Conference on Sociality Culture and Humanities - ICSCH 2015 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
3rd Archaeometallurgy in Europe Madrid, Spain
6th 8th International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences Kyiv, Ukraine
8th SOCIOINT15- 2nd International Conference on Education, Social Sciences and Humanities Istanbul, Turkey
9th The ICBTS Institute on International Social Sciences and Education Research Conference 2015 at Boston Boston, United States of America
9th 2015 International Conference on Culture, Languages and Literature (ICCLL2015) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9th CONTEMPHOTO '15 / II. International Contemporary Photography Conference Istanbul, Turkey
10th Nobility Reconsidered: New Perspectives on the European Aristocracy Jyväskylä, Finland
10th Civilizational Values at the Crossroads Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
18th The Eleventh International Margaret Cavendish Society Conference Nicosia, Cyprus
21st 17th International Academic Conference, Vienna Vienna, Austria
21st Archaeology 2015: Ancient Cultures in the Lands of the Bible Jerusalem, Israel
22nd Photography in Print Leicester, United Kingdom
23rd International Conference for Academic Disciplines (Barcelona 2015) Barcelona, Spain
23rd The 2015 International Forum – Public Affairs, Social Science and Economics (iPASE) Sapporo, Japan
24th Kings & Queens 4: Dynastic Changes & Legitimacy Lisbon, Portugal
26th Twin Cities in Past and Present Manchester, United Kingdom
27th Second International Conference on Identity Studies Vienna, Austria
July 2015
2nd SOCIO CRI '15 / II. International Sociology and Critical Perspectives Conference on Social Movements Istanbul, Turkey
14th Euro-American Conference for Academic Disciplines (Prague 2015) Prague, Czech Republic
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