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International Conference on 21st Century Education 2015
13th November 2015
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
An international event committed to a timely discussion of how to best prepare citizens for work and life in the 21st century. We invite researchers, educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders to contribute to this important discussion in Dubai.

2016 Global Studies Conference: Rethinking Global Space in the Age of Anthropocene: Futures of Ecological Interdependence - A Common Ground Conference
30th June 2016
Los Angeles, United States of America
This interdisciplinary conference and its companion journal invite scholars and practitioners to address a range of critically important ideas relating to globalization in the world today.

Sustainable development conferences worldwide

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September 2015
1st Sustainable City 2015 - 10th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability Medellin, Colombia
1st Economy & Business 2015, 14th International Conference Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria
2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development 2015 Greece Athens, Greece
2nd Energy and Sustainability 2015 - 6th International Conference on Energy and Sustainability Medellin, Colombia
4th 4th International Conference on Sustainability and Management Strategy Nagpur, India
4th Education, Research & Development 2015, 6th International Conference Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria
4th PV Solar Energy Conference Beirut, Lebanon
5th 2015 International Conference on Civil Engineering and Geology (ICCEG 2015) Shanghai, China
9th ICE Coastal Management Netherlands, Netherlands
9th Social Sciences and Public Policy 2015 Conference Washington DC, United States of America
10th Architecture and Resilience on a Human Scale Sheffield, United Kingdom
14th 2015 2nd Journal Conference on Clean Energy Technologies (JCCET 2015 2nd) Milan, Italy
14th 2015 7th International Conference on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (ICBEE 2015) Milan, Italy
15th The 5th Euro Asia Civil Engineering Forum Conference 2015 Surabaya, Indonesia
17th 6th International Conference on Local Government (6th ICLG 2015) Khon Kaen, Thailand
17th The 1st International Conference on Interdisciplinary Development Research (IDR2015) Chiang Mai, Thailand
18th 5th Women's Leadership International Conference- Boston, USA Boston, United States of America
21st 6th International Scientific Conference Quality of Life 2015 Human and Ecosystems Well-being Wroclaw, Poland
24th Humanities, Literature, Cultures, and Arts 2015 Global Conference Washington DC, United States of America
October 2015
1st International Conference on Disaster Management and Civil Engineering (ICDMCE'15) Oct. 1-2, 2015 Phuket (Thailand) Phuket, Thailand
2nd Conference on Systems Engineering Management & Innovation Washington DC, United States of America
3rd 9th International Conference On Innovative Research in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Development (CEAESD- 2015) New Delhi, India
5th The 6th Conference for International Law Studies On Regional Integration Surabaya, Indonesia
6th International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ICESD-2015) Abakaliki, Nigeria
6th Making Energy Work 2015 Raleigh, United States of America
6th International Conference on “Islam, Science and Sustainable Development: Maqasid al-Shari‘ah and Humanity’s Well-being” Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8th 4th International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Business Athens, Greece
13th International Conference on Sustainable Solutions beyond Mobility of Goods Bratislava, Slovakia
13th International Conference on Smart Grids for Smart Cities Toronto, Canada
14th Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development Sicilia, Italy
15th 3nd International Regional Development Conference Bingöl, Turkey
15th 6th International Scientific Agriculture Symposium "Agrosym 2015" Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
16th 2015 Global Conference on Economics, Law, and Management? Washington DC, United States of America
21st Global Transformation Forum 2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
23rd 2015 3rd Journal Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applications (JCCEA 2015 3rd) Beijing, China
26th Science and Engineering Technology National Conference 2015 (SETNC 2015) Bangi-Putrajaya, Malaysia
29th Education, Science, and Technology for Sustainable Development 2015 International Conference Washington DC, United States of America
29th APBERS Cebu 2015 Conference - Multi-stakeholder Approach in Advancing Research on Sustainability Cebu City, Philippines
30th National Conference on Innovating for Development and Sustainability Vadodara, India
November 2015
1st Innovations in Information Technology (IIT’15) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
4th 3rd International Conference on Social Responsibility in Mining - Srmining 2015 Antofagasta, Chile
5th The 3rd Business Management International Conference (BMIC 2015) Pattaya City (Holiday Inn Pattaya), Thailand
5th 7th Regional Symposium on Infrastructure Development Bangkok, Thailand
5th International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Management 2015 Bangkok, Thailand
6th Healthcare, Physics, and Applied Sciences 2015 Conference Washington DC, United States of America
7th International Development Undergraduate Conference London, United Kingdom
10th Tourism and Development 2015 Brezice, Slovenia
11th International Conference on Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development (ICET4SD) 2015 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
12th International Conference – Environment at a CrossrOads: SMART approaches for a sustainable future Bucharest, Romania
12th International Conference on Innovation and Sustainability 2015 (ICOIS 2015) Chiang Mai, Thailand
13th Liberal Arts, Sciences, and Mass Media 2015 International Conference Washington DC, United States of America
13th International Conference on 21st Century Education 2015 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
16th Annual International Conference on Business, Marketing and Management Oxford, United Kingdom
17th Securing Sustainable Water for All: Innovation, Integration and Inclusion Karachi, Pakistan
17th Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference Rottnest Island, Australia
19th Education, Business and Social Sciences 2015 International Conference Washington DC, United States of America
21st International Conference On Sustainable Development (ICSD) 2015. Chittagong, Bangladesh
22nd Second International Conference on Environment Technology & Energy 2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka
22nd International Conference on Organization and Management (ICOM) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
24th International Joint Conference SENVAR-iNTA-AVAN Johor Bahru, Malaysia
25th Bali Tourism Forum: The 1st World Destination Management Outlook - International Conference Bali, Indonesia
25th "Welcoming SDGs: Global Partnership for Sustainable Development" Jakarta, Indonesia
27th 4th International Conference of Sri Lanka Forum of University Economists (SLFUE) Colombo, Sri Lanka
28th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Economy (EESE Conference) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
30th MINOR CULTURE Melbourne, Australia
December 2015
1st EIBA 2015 - 41st Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1st International Conference on Sustainable Development 2015 Indonesia. Jakarta, Indonesia
1st 3rd International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering for Sustainability (IConCEES 2015) Melaka, Malaysia
2nd Improving Sustainability Concept In Developing Countries Cairo, Egypt
2nd The 5th International Conference on Sustainable Tropical Environmental Design 2015 (SusTED'15) Putrajaya, Malaysia
2nd 4th International Seminar on Enviromental Issues in Mining Lima, Peru
5th 2015 3rd Journal Conference on Clean Energy Technologies (JCCET 2015 3rd) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
5th ASIA International Conference on Advances in Managing Operations and Sustainability (AMOS) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7th A Sustainable Food Future: Production, Supply and Consumption London, United Kingdom
8th ASEAN Postgraduate Seminar (APGS) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
11th BIOCULTURAL 2015 (International Conference on Sustainability in Architectural Cultural Heritage) Limassol, Cyprus
15th 2nd Annual International Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development (ICPSD 2015) Colombo, Sri Lanka
19th The First International Packaging Handcraft Industries & Sustainable Development Conference Tehran, Iran
19th ICESD Alexandria, Egypt
20th 10th International Conference Business and Commerce (ICBC), 20th December, Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand
20th IABE 2015 San Francisco Conference - Research/Teaching Excellence in Business and Economics San Francisco, United States of America
25th International Conference on Green Buildings, Civil and Architecture Engineering (ICGBCAE’15) Dec. 25-26, 2015 Dubai (UAE) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
28th AgriAqua 2015 - Second International Conference on Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Aquaculture 2015 Colombo, Sri Lanka
January 2016
2nd International Conference on Urban Planning, Transport and Construction Engineering (ICUPTCE'16) Jan. 2-3, 2016 Pattaya (Thailand) Pattaya, Thailand
2nd International Conference on Computer Science, Business, Economic and Management Bangkok, Thailand
5th 2016 International Conference on Agricultural, Environmental and Civil Engineering (AECE-2016) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Jan. 5-6, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8th IICE2016 - Hawaii: The IAFOR International Conference on Education Honolulu, United States of America
12th 2016 3rd International Conference on Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering (ICPPE 2016) Penang, Malaysia
13th National Conference on E-waste Management Jamshedpur, India
21st 2016 Sustainability Conference: Urban Sustainability: Inspiration and Solution - A Common Ground Conference Portland, United States of America
22nd International Conference on Power Crisis Guangzhou, China
February 2016
12th ATHENAEUM 2016 - Managing Transformation - 7th International Conference on Contemporary Management Research TRICHY, India
12th International Conference on The Role of Social Media for Organizational Sustainability (ICROSMOS) Noida, India
12th SIBR 2016 Kuala Lumpur Conference on Interdisciplinary Business and Economics Research: Advancing Knowledge from Interdisciplinary Perspectives Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
20th Emerging Strides in Innovations & Skill Development: A Sustainable Perspective Varanasi, India
23rd Biofuels and Bioenergy: International conference and Exhibition Bhopal, India
25th 2016 International Conference on Design Principles and Practices - A Common Ground Conference Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
25th International Conference on Humanities and Educational Research - ICHER 2016 Washington DC, United States of America
March 2016
2nd Ajman 4th International Environment Conference 2016: Smart Cities and Green Innovation Ajman, United Arab Emirates
7th Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos 2016 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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