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International Conference on 21st Century Education 2015
13th November 2015
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
An international event committed to a timely discussion of how to best prepare citizens for work and life in the 21st century. We invite researchers, educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders to contribute to this important discussion in Dubai.

2016 International Climate Conference on Climate Change: Impacts and Responses – A Common Ground Conference
21st April 2016
Hanoi, Vietnam
This interdisciplinary conference and its companion journal invite scholars to share perspectives exploring scientific, policy, and strategic perspectives in climate change.

Defence Sites: Heritage and Future 2016
4th May 2016
Alicante, Spain
Redundant defence sites offer a range of opportunities to planners, architects and local communities to redevelop large areas, bringing new life to often neglected parts of towns.

Waste Management 2016
7th June 2016
Valencia, Spain
The conference provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information and work on the current situation of waste management amongst professionals, researchers, government departments and local authorities.

Environmental Impact 2016
8th June 2016
Valencia, Spain
The meeting will provide an international forum to discuss the most serious problems affecting sustainable development. The Conference will consider the impact of economic constraints on the environment, taking into account the social aspects as well

Air Pollution 2016
20th June 2016
Crete, Greece
The conference addresses a wide range of issues and challenges, but a particular strength of the series has been the attention given to regulatory and, market solutions to air pollution management.

Urban Transport 2016
21st June 2016
Crete, Greece
Transportation in urban areas, with its related environmental and social impacts, is a topic of significant concern for policy makers in both municipal and central government and for the urban citizens who need effective and efficient transport.

Sustainable development conferences worldwide

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May 2015
28th Joint International Conference Managing Sustainable Growth (MIC 2015) Portorož, Slovenia
28th Eurasia Tourism Congress: International Tourism Developments (Current Issues, Trends and Indicators) Konya, Turkey
31st 1st International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation (ISSA-I) Istanbul, Turkey
June 2015
1st Air Pollution 2015 Valencia, Spain
1st International Conference on Social Science, Literature and Education Dubai, United Arab Emirates
1st 4th International Conference on Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics (ECOTHEE 2015) CHANIA, Greece
2nd Urban Transport 2015 Valencia, Spain
2nd 10th International Symposium on Sustainable Leadership Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
3rd ECOSUD 2015 - 10th International Conference on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development Valencia, Spain
3rd VI Biennial International Simposium "Complexity 2015 for a Sustainable Development" Camaguey, Cuba
5th 3rd ICSD2015, Rome, Italy Rome, Italy
5th ICE Bridges 2015 London, United Kingdom
6th 6th Urban Space and Social Life: Projects in Cities & Identities Hong Kong Macau Zhuhai, Hong Kong
8th Modeling Innovation Sustainability and Technologies Lisbon, Portugal
9th International Conference on Tourism Transport & Technology in Boston Boston, United States of America
9th 10th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Contemporary Social Change - A Common Ground Conference Split, Croatia (Hrvatska)
10th Energy Resources: Technology & Policy 2015, 1st International Conference Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria
11th ACSEE 2015 - The Fifth Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment Osaka, Japan
14th 2015 International Conference on Smart Manufacturing Technologies (ICSMT 2015) Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
14th International Conference on Arts, Social Science and Education Toronto, Canada
15th 2015 4th International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering (ICCPE 2015) Madrid, Spain
15th 2015 4th International Conference on Environment, Energy and Biotechnology (ICEEB 2015) Madrid, Spain
15th International Seminar on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development (RESD) Rinchending, Bhutan
17th Product Lifetimes And The Environment PLATE 2015 Nottingham, United Kingdom
18th BASIQ 2015 - New trends in sustainable business and consumption Bucharest, Romania
20th 2015 International Conference on Innovative Materials and Construction (ICIMC 2015) Hong Kong, China
20th 2015 International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (ICIBB 2015) Hong Kong, China
22nd 2015 International Conference on Health Promoting Universities & Colleges/VII International Congress Kelowna, Canada
25th 2015 4th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Science (ICBBS 2015) Bangkok, Thailand
27th 2015 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Bioenergy (ICREB 2015) Bucharest, Romania
July 2015
1st Ravage of the Planet IV - 4th International Conference on Management of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development and Ecological Hazards Opatija, Croatia (Hrvatska)
1st Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, SEB-15 Lisbon, Portugal
3rd International Conference on ICT for Sustainable Development Ahmedabad, India
5th 20th International Symposium on Logistics (ISL), 2015 Bologna, Italy, Italy
5th SDC 2015 - 3rd Annual Sustainable Development Conference Bangkok, Thailand
6th 8th Making Cities Liveable Conference 2015 Melbourne, Australia
6th Future Challenges in Management and Business Istanbul, Turkey
7th Coastal Cities 2015 - International Conference on Coastal Cities and their Sustainable Future New Forest, UK, United Kingdom
7th The 19th International Symposium of the International Consortium for Social Development (ICSD2015) Singapore, Singapore
9th 2015 4th International Conference on Biotechnology and Food Engineering (ICBFE 2015) Chengdu, China
9th EBMC 2015 - The European Business and Management Conference Brighton, United Kingdom
9th ECSEE 2015 - The European Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment Brighton, United Kingdom
10th International Sustainable Development Research (ISDR) Conference 2015 Geelong, Australia
10th 21st annual ISDRS conference Melbourne, Australia
11th PHC 2015 - Public Health Conference 2015 Bangkok, Thailand
13th Annual International Conference on Law and Policy Cambridge, United Kingdom
13th 2015 The 2nd International Conference on Energy and Environment Research (ICEER 2015) Lisbon, Portugal
15th Water and Society 2015 - 3rd International Conference on Water and Society A Coruna, Spain
20th Developing Northern Australia Conference 2015 Townsville, Australia
21st World Engineers Summit on Climate Change 2015 Singapore, Singapore
22nd 4th Women's Leadership International Conference- Washington DC Washington DC, United States of America
27th 2015 International Conference on Chemical Processes, Ecology & Environmental Engineering (ICCPEE’15) July 27-28, 2015 Phuket, Thailand Phuket, Thailand
28th International Conference on Advances in Civil & Environmental Engineering (ACEE 2015) Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
28th Standing at the Edges The Environmental Justice and Citizenship Project Oxford, United Kingdom
29th 2015 International Conference on Advances in Environment Research (ICAER 2015) Jeju Island, Korea (south)
29th 2015 2nd International Conference on Food and Nutrition Technology (ICFNT 2015) Jeju Island, Korea (south)
August 2015
1st 4th International Conference On Applied Sciences, Environmental Engineering and Clean Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development (ASECET-2015) New Delhi, India
2nd The Second Asian Symposium on Human Rights Education - SHARE 2015 Hiroshima, Japan
3rd ICTTT2015 International Conference on Tourism Transport and Technology at the Brunel University, London, UK London, United Kingdom
4th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Sciences Montreal, Canada
5th 2015 5th International Conference on Environmental and Agriculture Engineering (ICEAE 2015) Paris, France
5th 2015 4th International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sciences (ICGES 2015) Paris, France
5th 2015 3rd Journal Conference on Environmental Science and Development (JCESD 2015 3rd) Paris, France
5th 3rd UGBS Conference on Business and Development Accra, Ghana
6th The Asian Conference on Peace, Humanitarian Aid and Service - PHASE 2015 Hiroshima, Japan
10th 2015 6th International Conference on Construction and Project Management - ICCPM 2015 Singapore, Singapore
13th 2015 Interdisciplinary Conference on Education, Research, Humanities, and Statistics Boston, United States of America
20th Real Estate, Construction, and Urban Development 2015 Conference Washington DC, United States of America
21st 2015 IAABR – ORLANDO International Conference on Business, Economics, Finance & Accounting ORLANDO, United States of America
23rd 2015 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Development - ICRED 2015 Bangkok, Thailand
24th Green Growth & Travelism Hasselt, Belgium
26th Education, Psychology, & Humanities 2015 Conference Washington DC, United States of America
27th 2015 2nd International Conference on Substantial Environmental Engineering (ICSEE 2015) Hong Kong, China
September 2015
1st Economy & Business 2015, 14th International Conference Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria
1st Sustainable City 2015 - 10th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability Medellin, Colombia
2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development 2015 Greece Athens, Greece
2nd Energy and Sustainability 2015 - 6th International Conference on Energy and Sustainability Medellin, Colombia
4th Education, Research & Development 2015, 6th International Conference Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria
5th 2015 International Conference on Civil Engineering and Geology (ICCEG 2015) Shanghai, China
9th ICE Coastal Management Netherlands, Netherlands
9th Social Sciences and Public Policy 2015 Conference Washington DC, United States of America
14th 2015 2nd Journal Conference on Clean Energy Technologies (JCCET 2015 2nd) Milan, Italy
14th 2015 7th International Conference on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (ICBEE 2015) Milan, Italy
15th 2nd Annual International Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development (ICPSD 2015) Kathmandu, Nepal
15th The 5th Euro Asia Civil Engineering Forum Conference 2015 Surabaya, Indonesia
17th 6th International Conference on Local Government (6th ICLG 2015) Khon Kaen, Thailand
17th The 1st International Conference on Interdisciplinary Development Research (IDR2015) Chiang Mai, Thailand
18th 5th Women's Leadership International Conference- Boston, USA Boston, United States of America
21st 6th International Scientific Conference Quality of Life 2015 Human and Ecosystems Well-being Wroclaw, Poland
October 2015
1st International Conference on Disaster Management and Civil Engineering (ICDMCE'15) Oct. 1-2, 2015 Phuket (Thailand) Phuket, Thailand
5th Canadian International Conference on Global Studies (CGS 2015) Toronto, Canada
5th The 6th Conference for International Law Studies On Regional Integration Surabaya, Indonesia
6th International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ICESD-2015) Abakaliki, Nigeria
8th 4th International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Business Athens, Greece
13th International Conference on Sustainable Solutions beyond Mobility of Goods Bratislava, Slovakia
13th International Conference on Smart Grids for Smart Cities Toronto, Canada
14th Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development Sicilia, Italy
15th 3nd International Regional Development Conference Bingöl, Turkey
15th 6th International Scientific Agriculture Symposium "Agrosym 2015" Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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