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September 2023
27th The 14th Global Islamic Marketing Conference Tbilisi, Georgia online and in-person
27th The XVI International Symposium -Socialist Realism in Literature and Art Tbilisi, Georgia online and in-person
29th Jean Monnet International Conference “Democracy, Rule of Law, and Protection of Human Rights in the European Union” Batumi, Georgia online and in-person
October 2023
4th SEM Research in Biology and Medicine Tbilisi, Georgia in-person
18th The 18th International Silk Road Conference Tbilisi, Georgia in-person
November 2023
10th International Scientific Conference: Human Capital, Institutions and Economic Growth Kutaisi, Georgia in-person
16th Opportunities to achieve the SDGs: Research & Development Tbilisi, Georgia online and in-person
December 2023
22nd Annual Tbilisi International Multidisciplinary Conference on Economics, Business, Technology and Social Sciences - 2023 Tbilisi, Georgia online and in-person

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