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July 2024
6th The 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Engineering (ICAIE2024) agadir, Morocco online and in-person
10th CPES2024 Rabat, Morocco in-person
September 2024
10th 3. International Business and Society Conference (IBSCO) Casablanca, Morocco online and in-person
October 2024
1st MOROCCO SIEMA FOOD EXPO Rue Tiznit, Morocco in-person
22nd AFRICA PPP Casablanca, Morocco in-person
November 2024
11th World Conference on Complex Systems Casablanca, Morocco in-person
18th Artificial Intelligence and Computational Technologies Morocco, Morocco online and in-person
19th CTW Morocco Casablanca, Morocco in-person
19th Africa Food Show Morocco Casablanca, Morocco in-person
20th Earth Geosciences and Geotechnical Engineering morocco, Morocco in-person
20th Earth Geosciences and Geotechnical Engineering Kenitra, Morocco, Morocco in-person
21st Colloque International sur la Formation et l'Enseignement des Mathématiques et des Sciences & Techniques El Jadida, Morocco online and in-person
21st The 3rd International Conference on Energy and Green Computing Meknès, Morocco online and in-person
26th Casablanca International Conference on Additive Manufacturing Casablanca, Morocco online and in-person
December 2024
3rd IMC Morocco Casablanca, Morocco in-person
4th The International Conference on Cultural Engineering and Heritage Development – First Edition (ICCEHD-2024) Rabat, Morocco online and in-person

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