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March 2024
15th 14th International conference After communism. East and West under Scrutiny Craiova, Romania online and in-person
April 2024
25th B.A.S. British and American Studies International Conference Timisoara, Romania in-person
May 2024
16th Modern Trends in Business, Hospitality, and Tourism 4th ed. Sustainable and Resilient Businesses in the Global Economy Cluj Napoca, Romania online and in-person
16th The 8th International Conference – Multidisciplinary perspectives in the quasi-coercive treatment of offenders Timi?oara, Romania in-person
17th Conference on British and American Studies 2024 Brasov, Romania in-person
23rd The 23rd International Conference on Informatics in Economy, IE 2024 Timisoara, Romania online and in-person
26th EMAC Annual Conference 2024 Bucharest, Romania in-person
30th XXI International Conference on Finance And Banking FI BA 2024 Bucharest, Romania in-person
30th Confluences - Literary Translation in the Digital Age TIMISOARA, Romania online and in-person
June 2024
6th European Endometriosis Congress Bucharest, Romania in-person
July 2024
10th 33rd European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference Timisoara, Romania in-person
September 2024
12th IADA - The dialogic dimension of the digital Brasov, Romania in-person
19th 8th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Structure, Use, and Meaning (SUM) Brasov, Romania in-person
October 2024
18th Vibroengineering Conference in Romania 2024 Cluj-Napoca, Romania online and in-person

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