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May 2022
21st 06th International Conference on Non Communicable Diseases Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
23rd 05th International Conference on Mental Health Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
June 2022
2nd Twenty-second International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations - A BLENDED CONFERENCE Willemstad, Netherlands online and in-person
3rd 2022 – 3rd International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry (ICPP), 03-04 June, Paris Paris, France online and in-person
25th 2022 – 4th International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry (ICPP), 25-26 June, Prague Prague, Czech Republic online and in-person
July 2022
8th 2022 – 5th International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry (ICPP), 08-09 July, Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
12th Children and Childhoods Conference 2022 Ipswich, United Kingdom online and in-person
15th 2022 – 6th International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry (ICPP), 15-16 July, Budapest Budapest, Hungary online and in-person
23rd International Conference on Neurology and Cognitive Neuroscience (NCN) Tokyo, Japan online and in-person
25th RehabWeek 2022 Rotterdam, Netherlands in-person
30th International Conference on Chronic Diseases and Obesity (CDO) Osaka, Japan online and in-person
August 2022
5th 2022 – 7th International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry (ICPP), 05-06 August, Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands online and in-person
13th 06th International Conference on Community Medicine and Public Health Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
13th 02nd International Conference on Nursing Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
25th Applied Research International Conference on Implications of COVID 19 - Inter and Multidisciplinary Studies (ARICMS) 2022 London, United Kingdom online and in-person
26th 2022 – 8th International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry (ICPP), 26-27 August, Barcelona Barcelona, Spain online and in-person
September 2022
8th Twelfth International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society - A BLENDED CONFERENCE Johannesburg, South Africa online and in-person
23rd Emirates Society of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Annual Conference 2022 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in-person
October 2022
6th 13th ICEEPSY The International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology Madrid, Spain online and in-person
17th GPH2022- 7th International Conference on Global Public Health 2022 Bali, Indonesia in-person
November 2022
10th The 7th World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference (WDRC 2022) Colombo, Sri Lanka online and in-person
15th AccessAbilities Expo Dubai, United Arab Emirates in-person
15th Indigenous Disability and Wellness Gathering Victoria, Canada in-person
15th Accessabilities Expo for People of Determination Dubai, United Arab Emirates online and in-person
December 2022
6th 2022 Asia-Singapore Conference on Sport Science 'LIVE' Singapore, Singapore online and in-person

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