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December 2022
4th 29th BARCELONA International Conference on Marketing, Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (BMESH-22) Barcelona, Spain online and in-person
6th 2022 Asia-Singapore Conference on Sport Science 'LIVE' Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
15th 40th ISTANBUL International Conference on Arts, Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences (ALHSS-22) Istanbul, Turkey online and in-person
21st 2022 – 16th International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry (ICPP), 21-22 December, Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
21st BANGKOK 34th International Conference on Literature, Language, Humanities and Social Sciences (BL2ES2-22) Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
January 2023
10th 2nd Int Conference on Clinical Data Management, E-Health Strategies , Traditional & Alternative Medicine Applications Rome, Italy in-person
February 2023
3rd 11th International Conference on Health and Medicine Warsaw, Poland in-person
March 2023
3rd 7th Annual Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine for the Clinician 2023 Orlando, United States of America in-person
16th 03rd International Conference on Nursing Lisbon, Portugal in-person
17th Global Conference on Women and Gender: Education as Freedom and Transformation Newport News, United States of America in-person
19th PsyCon Singapore–International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry, 19-20 March 2023 Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
20th International Conference on Hospital and Healthcare Management Lisbon, Portugal in-person
April 2023
17th 22nd Annual Design of Medical Devices Conference Minneapolis St Paul, United States of America in-person
May 2023
6th PsyCon Kuala Lumpur–International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry, 06-07 May 2023 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia online and in-person
July 2023
20th 33rd CANADA International Conference on Economics, Management, Social Sciences and Humanities (EMSSH-23) Montreal, Canada online and in-person
October 2023
10th 14th ICEEPSY The International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology Barcelona, Spain online and in-person

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