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June 2024
21st Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center Update in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Cleveland, United States of America online and in-person
24th 6th World Congress on Aging and Geriatrics (WCAG-2024) Prague, Czech Republic online and in-person
July 2024
6th International Conference on Medical, Medicine & Health Sciences: Charting Paths to Global Wellness Barcelona, Spain in-person
19th PsyCon Bali–International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry, 19-20 July 2024 Bali, Indonesia online and in-person
22nd Interdisciplinary Summer School 2024 Valencia, Spain online and in-person
28th Psychedelic Medicine Israel – 2024 Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel in-person
28th Psychedelic Medicine Israel - 2023 Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel in-person
August 2024
2nd 2024 Neurology Update: A Comprehensive Review for the Clinician Washington DC, United States of America online and in-person
27th 3rd Digital Biomarkers and Clinical Measures in Neurology Summit Boston, United States of America in-person
September 2024
22nd 4th International Advanced Course & Symposium on Artificial Intelligence & Neuroscience - ACAIN 2024 Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy in-person
25th PsyCon Budapest - International Conference on Psychology and Psychiatry, 25-26 September 2024 Budapest, Hungary online and in-person
26th WNU 2024 - World Federation of Neurology Digital Neurology Updates online
October 2024
9th 2nd World Congress on Facial Expression of Emotion Porto, Portugal in-person
12th International Conference on Medical Science and Technology (MST) Osaka, Japan in-person
23rd WSC 2024: 16th World Stroke Congress Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in-person
23rd The 4th International Electronic Conference on Brain Sciences online
November 2024
4th Mayo Clinic Neuroradiology: Practice to Innovation - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands - Nov 4-8, 2024 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands in-person
7th The 17th International Conference on Psychiatry “New Horizon in Mental health Services” JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia online and in-person
13th The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Clinical Medicine online
25th PsyCon London - International Conference on Psychology and Psychiatry, 25-26 November 2024 London, United Kingdom online and in-person
December 2024
2nd PsyCon Kuala Lumpur–International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry, 02-03 December 2024 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia online and in-person
6th MEMORY STUDIES '24 / IX. International Interdisciplinary Conference online
February 2025
19th PsyCon Dubai - International Conference on Psychology and Psychiatry, 19-20 February 2025 Dubai, United Arab Emirates in-person
March 2025
13th 10th International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology [ICSP2025] Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
17th 3rd International Conference on Happiness and Well-being [ICHW2025] Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
27th The 3rd World Brain Disorders and Neuroscience Summit (BDNS2025) Kyoto, Japan online and in-person
April 2025
7th ANE Global Meet and Expo on Neuroscience and Brain Disorders London, United Kingdom online and in-person
May 2025
6th PsyCon Kuala Lumpur - International Conference on Psychology and Psychiatry, 06-07 May 2025 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in-person

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