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December 2022
8th International Conference on Embalming, Restorative Art & Forensic Science Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
10th International Conference on Hospital Management, Medical Science, Telemedicine and Digital Health Applications Paris, France in-person
12th EAI PervasiveHealth 2022 - 16th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare Thessaloniki, Greece in-person
12th 12th International Conference on Health and Medicine Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
January 2023
10th 2nd Int Conference on Clinical Data Management, E-Health Strategies , Traditional & Alternative Medicine Applications Rome, Italy in-person
14th 2nd International Conference on Human Physiology, Metabolism, Physical Therapy, Sport & Exercises Medicine (PPS) Paris, France in-person
February 2023
1st Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (West Coast) La Jolla, United States of America online and in-person
3rd 11th International Conference on Health and Medicine Warsaw, Poland in-person
6th SCOPE Summit 2023 Orlando, United States of America online and in-person
11th 2nd International Conference on Critical Health Studies, Medical Education, Healthcare Technologies and Medicine (CMH) Osaka, Japan in-person
24th 2023 5th International Conference on BioMedical Technology (ICBMT 2023) Da Nang, Vietnam online and in-person
March 2023
2nd 05th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences Barcelona, Spain in-person
7th DECODE: AI for Pharmaceutical Executives San Diego, United States of America online and in-person
11th International Conference on Medical Humanities London, United Kingdom online and in-person
16th 03rd International Conference on Nursing Lisbon, Portugal in-person
20th International Conference on Hospital and Healthcare Management Lisbon, Portugal in-person
April 2023
10th 07th International Conference on Non Communicable Diseases Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
21st 2023 7th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Applications (ICBEA 2023) Hangzhou, China online and in-person
May 2023
12th 2023 6th International Conference on Healthcare Service Management (ICHSM 2023) Kyoto, Japan online and in-person
12th 2023 7th International Conference on Medical and Health Informatics (ICMHI 2023) Kyoto, Japan online and in-person
26th 2023 15th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Technology (ICBBT 2023) Xi'an, China online and in-person
June 2023
7th Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (East Coast) Boston, United States of America online and in-person
September 2023
14th Thirteenth International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society - Health, Wellness, and Society Research Network and UBC Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada Vancouver, Canada online and in-person

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