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Music conferences worldwide

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November 2019
18th 17th Johannesburg International Conference on Education, Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences (EEHSS-19) Johannesburg, South Africa
21st The Mediations of Music: Theodor W. Adorno’s Critical Musicology today SIENA, Italy
22nd International Conference on Advances Music, Art and Social Sciences (ICAMAS 2019) Surabaya, Indonesia
26th 24th JAPAN International Conference on Literature, Languages, Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies (LLSIS-19) Kyoto, Japan
28th Grief and the Arts in the West from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century: An Interdisciplinary Conference Leuven, Belgium
29th MEMORY STUDIES '19 / IV. International Conference on Memory Studies Istanbul, Turkey
December 2019
9th 21st Pattaya International Conference on Language, Humanities, Business and Social Sciences (LHBSS-19) Pattaya, Thailand
12th 25th SINGAPORE International Conference on Marketing, Economics, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies (MEEIS-19) Singapore, Singapore
12th 2nd International Symposium on Social Science and Humanities (ISSSH) 2019 : Development Towards Sustainability Colombo, Sri Lanka
12th 18th Singapore International Conference on Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences (SLHSS-19) Singapore, Singapore
18th 26th Lisbon International Conference on Humanities, Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies Lisbon, Portugal
23rd 23rd Pattaya - International Conference on Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities (PTSSH-19) Pattaya, Thailand
26th 18th Bangkok International Conference on Industry, Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies (BIHIS-19) Bangkok, Thailand
January 2020
10th International Conference on Innovative Practices in Basic & Applied Business Research, Social Sciences and Humanities Dubai, United Arab Emirates
15th 19th Athens - International Conference on Arts, Languages, Literature and Social Sciences (ALLSS-20) Athens, Greece
20th 20th Madrid International Conference on Arts, Marketing, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies (AMEIS-20) Madrid, Spain
20th 2nd International Conference in New Research Directions in Economics, Management and Social Science Research (EMSS) Bangkok, Thailand
27th ISBER International Conference on Current Research in Humanities, Social Sciences, Business Management & Economics Malé, Maldives
February 2020
3rd 18th ROME - ITALY International Conference on Art History, Literature, Social Sciences & Education (AHLSE-20) Rome, Italy
8th International Conference on Film Studies: (De)Constructing Narrative Identities London, United Kingdom
11th ETMSM2020(Educational Tools and Methods, and Social Media) Barcelona, Spain
11th 28th Barcelona International Conference on Society, Humanities and Social Sciences (BSHSS-20-Spain) Barcelona, Spain
21st 8th International Conference on Modern Approach in Humanities Rome, Italy
March 2020
2nd 22nd Istanbul International Conference on “Literature, Humanities and Social Science” (ILHSS-20) Istanbul, Turkey
4th 19th Bucharest International Conference on Humanities, Social Sciences, Law & Interdisciplinary Studies (BHSLIS-20) Bucharest, Romania
7th Music and Death: 2nd Global Interdisciplinary Conference Prague, Czech Republic
7th TFCR 3rd International Conference on Social Sciences, Business Management and Humanities Istanbul, Turkey
7th The Art of Being Human: Forgiveness, Decency, Trust and Gratitude Prague, Czech Republic
12th TASS 2nd International Conference on Business, Economics, Management, Humanities & Social Sciences (BEMHS) Taipei, Taiwan
13th The Image of Impact in Literature, Media, and Society Greeley, United States of America
16th 20th Dubai International Conference on Marketing, Humanities and Social Sciences (DMHSS-20) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
19th 24th Kyoto International Conference on Business, Education, Humanities & Social Sciences (KBEHSS-20) Kyoto, Japan
24th The Creativity Workshop in Malta - March 24 - 28, 2020 Valletta, Malta
24th 26th Milan International Conference on Marketing, Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences (MEHSS-20-Italy) Milan, Italy
26th Drawing and Performance: Creating Scenography Coimbra, Portugal
27th 2nd International Conference on Business, Occupational Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Politics Malé, Maldives
28th International Conference on Music, Drama, Visual & Performing Arts Colombo, Sri Lanka
29th International Conference on Sustainable Design and Creative Industries Colombo, Sri Lanka
April 2020
8th Hamburg 29th International Conference on “Education, Humanities and Social Sciences” (HEHSS-20) Hamburg, Germany
13th TASS 2nd International Conference on Business Ethics, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Economics & Social Sciences Taipei, Taiwan
16th It was fifty years ago today - An Academic Tribute to The Beatles Lisbon, Portugal
27th 2nd International Conference on Innovative Approaches in Social Science, Economics and Business Management Malé, Maldives
May 2020
5th 3rd International Conference on Modern Tendency in Social Science, Humanities, Economy and Business Management Singapore, Singapore
16th 3rd International Conference on Current Innovation Paradigms in Economics Business Social Sciences and Humanities Osaka, Japan
19th 2nd International Conference on Modern Research in Management Studies, Economics & Leadership (MRMSE) Bali, Indonesia
29th Memory, Identity and the Remediation of Musical Lives London, United Kingdom
June 2020
13th 2nd International Academic Research Conference on Tourism, Management and Innovation Research (TMIR-June-2020) Hong Kong, Hong Kong
17th 3rd International Conference on Social Responsibilities, History and Applied Sciences (SRHA) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
18th The Future of Education International Conference - 10th edition Florence, Italy
18th 2nd International Research Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Challenges (IRCEBC-JUNE-2020) Manila, Philippines
20th 2nd International Conference on Academic Research in Economics, Social Science and Business Innovation Athens, Greece
25th 2nd International Conferences on Advance Research Methods in Economics Social Science, Entrepreneurship and Management Male, Maldives
27th 3rd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Practices in Management and Social Science Osaka, Japan
27th Music, Communication and Performance - 3rd Edition Montecassiano, Italy
27th 3rd International Conference on Institutional Development, Business law and Social Science Research Shanghai, China
July 2020
5th Storytelling and the Body: 2nd Global Inclusive Conference Bratislava, Slovakia
11th HUSO2020 - 3rd Canadian International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences 2020 Toronto, Canada
August 2020
17th 2020 New York City International Academic Conference on Education & Teaching New York, United States of America
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