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Conferences in Turkey

Major conference cities: AnkaraIstanbulAntalya

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June 2017
2nd INDIAN STUDIES '17 / International Multidisciplinary Conference on India and Indian Studies Istanbul, Turkey
5th 1st International Conference On Vital Issues In Social Sciences, Communication And Management Research (VSCM-June-2017) Istanbul, Turkey
9th PERFORMART '17 / II. International Performance Arts Conference on Performance, Theatre and Dance Istanbul, Turkey
9th HISTART '17 / 4th International History of Art Conference Istanbul, Turkey
19th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies Girne, Turkey
23rd ScienceGlobe - 16th International Research Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (IRCSTEM) Istanbul, Turkey
30th MATHEMATICS '17 / International Conference on Mathematics: Teaching, Theory and Applications Istanbul, Turkey
30th FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING '17 / International Conference on Finance and Accounting Istanbul, Turkey
30th STATISTICS '17 / International Conference on Statistics: Teaching, Theory and Applications Istanbul, Turkey
July 2017
1st 5th. International Art Symposium Antalya, Turkey
5th 2nd International Conference On Vital Issues In Social Sciences, Communication And Management Research(VSCM-July-2017) Istanbul, Turkey
12th CAAD Futures 2017: Future Trajectories of Computation in Design Istanbul, Turkey
14th IBMC '17 / II. International Business Management Conference Istanbul, Turkey
15th 4th International Islamic Economics and Finance Conference Istanbul, Turkey
20th Euro-Asia Forum in Politics, Economics and Business - 2017 Istanbul, Turkey
24th 13th Algebraic Hyperstructures and its Applications Conference Istanbul, Turkey
29th IWMSCE-2017, 3rd International Workshop on Materical Science and Chemical Engineering Istanbul, Turkey
29th IWMAE-2017, 3rd International Workshop on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Istanbul, Turkey
29th IWCEA-2017, 3rd International Workshop on Civil Engineering and Architecture Istanbul, Turkey
August 2017
3rd 3rd International Conference On Vital Issues In Social Sciences, Communication And Management Research(VSCM-August-2017) Istanbul, Turkey
15th IX. International Congress on Hazelnut Samsun, Turkey
16th International Workshop on Intellectual Property Law in Perspective of Economic Growth and Wealth Creation Izmir, Turkey
17th International Congress on Semiconductor Materials and Devices (ICSMD-2017) KONYA, Turkey
18th Ottoman International Conference Serial on Tourism, Managament, Economics and Finance (ICTMEF-2017) Istanbul, Turkey
28th 4th World Conference on Computer Engineering (COMENG-2017) Istanbul, Turkey
28th 3rd Global Conference on Materials Sciences Istanbul, Turkey
28th 3rd World Conference On Science And Mathematics Education Istanbul, Turkey
30th 2. International Conference on Advances in Science ICAS 2017 Istanbul, Turkey
September 2017
2nd 4th International Conference On Vital Issues In Social Sciences, Communication And Management Research(VSCM-September-2017) Istanbul, Turkey
7th International Congress on Management Economics and Business Zonguldak, Turkey
9th 3rd International Workshop on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Istanbul, Turkey
9th 3rd International Workshop on Law and Politics Istanbul, Turkey
9th IWFBE-2017, 3rd International Workshop on Finance, Business, Economics, Marketing and Information Systems Istanbul, Turkey
11th International Engineering Research Symposium’17 Duzce, Turkey
15th 3rd International Conference on Chemical Science and Technology 2017 (ICCST 2017) Istanbul, Turkey
15th 3rd International Conference on Business Management and Information Technology (ICBMIT 2017) Istanbul, Turkey
15th ASEAN Academic Network International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Science 2017 Istanbul, Turkey
15th ASEAN Academic Network International Conference on Electrics, Electronics and Engineering Studies 2017 Istanbul, Turkey
16th International Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing Symposium'17 Malatya, Turkey
21st 4th International Regional Development Conference Tunceli, Turkey
21st International Congress of the New Approaches and Technologies for Sustainable Development Isparta, Turkey
22nd 1st International Black Sea Conference on Language and Language Education Samsun, Turkey
22nd TIME STUDIES '17 / International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Concept of Time Istanbul, Turkey
22nd FUTURE AND FORESIGHT STUDIES '17 / II. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Future and Foresight Istanbul, Turkey
22nd International Conference on Excellence and Quality in Government Izmir, Turkey
28th LIVENARCH V-2017: Rejecting/Reversing Architecture Trabzon, Turkey
28th The First International Congress on Future of Tourism: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Mersin, Turkey
29th OTHERNESS STUDIES '17 / II. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Otherness Studies in Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts Istanbul, Turkey
October 2017
2nd 5th International Conference On Vital Issues In Social Sciences, Communication And Management Research(VSCM-October-2017) Istanbul, Turkey
4th International Conference on Social and Related Sciences (ICSoReS 2017) Antalya, Turkey
4th 4th International Conference on Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering (ICCESEN 2017) Antalya, Turkey
4th BAKEA 2017 - V. International Western Cultural and Literary Studies Symposium Sivas, Turkey
5th Congress on International Economic and Administrative Perspectives: Sustainable Global Competition Isparta, Turkey
11th 2.International Conference on Material Science and Technology in Cappadocia(IMSTEC 2017) Nevsehir, Turkey
12th International Energy and Engineering Conference 2017 Gaziantep, Turkey
12th The 2nd International Higher Education Studies Conference Antalya, Turkey
13th ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE '17 / International Conference on Conservation of Architectural Heritage and Urban History Istanbul, Turkey
13th STRUCTURE IN ARCHITECTURE AND BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES '17 / International Conference on Structure in Architecture and Building Technologies Istanbul, Turkey
13th 1. International 11. Health and Hospital Administration Conference Trabzon, Turkey
14th The Fifth International Fuzzy Systems Symposium (FUZZYSS'17) Ankara, Turkey
16th 1st International Web Conference on Forecasting On the web, Turkey
17th 4th International Management Information Systems Conference: Industry 4.0 Istanbul, Turkey
20th International Conference on Foreign Language Education (ICONFLE 2017) Famagusta, Turkey
20th International Conference on Economic Research Alanya, Turkey
20th LITCRI '17 / VI. International Literature and Literary Criticism Conference Istanbul, Turkey
20th International Conference on Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Hospitality Izmir, Turkey
20th LANGUAGE AND ETYMOLOGY '17 / II. International Conference in Language Studies Istanbul, Turkey
20th LANGUAGE LEARNING AND TEACHING '17 / II. International Conference on Education and Language Istanbul, Turkey
20th 4th International Conference On Innovative Trends In Multidisciplinary Academic Research (ITMAR-2017) Istanbul, Turkey
25th 2nd International Mediterranean Science and Engineering Congress (IMSEC 2017) Adana, Turkey
25th II. International Youth Research Congress Fethiye-Mugla, Turkey
26th 6th World Congress on Educational and Instructional Studies- WCEIS 2017 Antalya, Turkey
26th 2st International Congress on Current Approaches in Communication, Literature, Music and Art Studies Kocaeli, Turkey
28th IWBG-2017, International Workshop on Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioinformatics Istanbul, Turkey
28th IWCH-2017, International Workshop on Chemistry Istanbul, Turkey
28th IWMST-2017, International Workshop on Mathematics and Statistics Istanbul, Turkey
30th International Middle East Congress (Language, History and Literature) Ankara, Turkey
November 2017
1st International Symposium on the Port Cities of the Aegean World: Coins, Seals and Weights Izmir, Turkey
1st Fourth International Conference and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park Konya, Turkey
1st American Studies Association of Turkey, 38th International American Studies Conference, "Manifestations of Love and Hate in American Culture and Literature" Ankara, Turkey
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