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October 2023
20th 2023 3rd Asia Environment and Resource Engineering Conference (AERE 2023) Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
November 2023
4th International conference on “Embracing Diversity in Social Sciences and Humanities (EDSSH)" Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
23rd MBP 2023 Singapore International Conference on Management & Business Practices, 23-24 November Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
January 2024
7th 1st International conference on Management Economics and Social Sciences Singapore, Singapore in-person
12th 2024 5th International Conference on Supply Chain Management (ICSCM 2024) Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
25th MDP/FDP on "Issues, Challenges and Strategy of Leading A Successful Organization - Based on Real-Life Cases & Practices" Singapore, Singapore in-person
February 2024
26th 2024 13th International Conference on Economics, Business and Marketing Management (CEBMM 2024) Singapore, Singapore online and in-person

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