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2018 5th International Conference on History and Culture (ICHC 2018)
5th December 2018
Da Nang, Vietnam
Publication: International Journal of Social Science and Humanity (IJSSH), (ISSN: 2010-3646), which will be indexed by Google Scholar, Engineering & Technology Digital Library, Crossref, DOAJ, doi System and ProQuest.

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July 2018
18th (ICSS 2018) 5th International Conference on Security Studies (18-19 July 2018) Bangkok, Thailand
19th Ninth International Conference on Sport and Society - Florida International University Miami, United States of America
19th International Center for Global Leadership Conference Placencia, Belize
20th International Conference on Modern Approaches to English Language, Literature & Feminism Studies 2018 Chandigarh, India
20th Intellectual History of Europe - Summer School Piran, Slovenia
20th 2018 2nd International Conference on linguistics and literature (ICLL 2018) Rome, Italy
20th 2nd 2018 Professional Learning Symposium, AELR Global Houston, United States of America
23rd Sexual Citizenship: 1st Global Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference Prague, Czech Republic
23rd 22nd International Conference on Evolving Trends in Social Sciences and Business Studies (ETSBS) Bali, Indonesia
23rd 11th KUALA LUMPUR International Conference on Education, Languages, Humanities & Social Sciences (ELHSS-18-KL) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
23rd 9th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies - ICISSS 2018 July (Cambridge) Cambridge, United Kingdom
23rd International Conference on Research Perspectives on Entrepreneurship Education, Business Management and Social Sciences Bali, Indonesia
23rd International Conference on Recent Innovations in Social Sciences, Business and Economics Research Bangkok, Thailand
24th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (Budapest 2018) Budapest, Hungary
26th 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance (APEF 2018) Singapore, Singapore
28th International Conference on Business Social Science Economics and Management Research London, United Kingdom
30th Eleventh Global Studies Conference Granada, Spain
30th 2018 International Symposium on Economics and Social Science-Summer Session (ISESS-Summer 2018) Tokyo, Japan
August 2018
1st WEI International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning (at Harvard Faculty Club, Boston, USA) Boston, United States of America
1st The INTESDA 5th Asian Conference on the Arts, Humanities and Sustainability - ACAHS 2018 Hiroshima, Japan
1st International conference on Organizational Behavior, HR and Social Science Innovation Research Singapore, Singapore
1st 8th International Forum for Business Economics Advancement & Strategic Management (BEASM) Singapore, Singapore
1st 4th 2018 Academy of Business and Emerging Markets (ABEM) Conference Manila, Philippines
2nd The INTESDA 5th Conference on Sustainable Tourism in Asia - COSTA 2018 Hiroshima, Japan
2nd The Future of Education: Rediscovering Free Inquiry Pasadena, United States of America
2nd The INTESDA 3rd Symposium on Globalization and Media in Asia - SYGMA 2018 Hiroshima, Japan
4th International Conference on Computer, Automation, Engineering and Technology Istanbul, Turkey
4th AUSSRE 2018 International Conference on Innovative Research Practice in Economics, Business and Social Sciences Sydney, Australia
4th The INTESDA 5th Asian Symposium on Human Rights Education - SHARE 2018 Hiroshima, Japan
4th The INTESDA 3rd Conference on Sustainable Business, Energy and Development in Asia - COSDA 2018 Hiroshima, Japan
6th International Conference on Business Economics, Marketing Management & Social Sciences Innovation Nairobi, Kenya
7th 3rd Bali International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 07-08 August 2018, Indonesia Bali, Indonesia
8th 2018 International Conference on Education and Global Studies - Summer Session (IConEGS 2018-Summer) Bangkok, Thailand
8th 18th PHNOM PENH International Conference on Law, Management, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (LMEHSS:18) Phnom Penh, Cambodia
10th The INTESDA 2nd Asian Symposium on Culture, Policy and Education - SCOPE 2018 Nagasaki, Japan
10th 5th International Conference on Humanities and Educational Research New York, United States of America
11th 21st International Conference on Development of Research in Social Sciences, Humanities, Business and Management Studies Melbourne, Australia
11th International Conference on Communication and Media Studies: Media and Power in the Digital Age London, United Kingdom
11th 23rd International Conference on Management, Business, Social and Humanities Research (MBSHR) August 11-12 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
11th Second International Conference on Multidisciplinary Contemporary Research (2nd ICMCR-2018) Singapore, Singapore
13th 2018 4th International Conference on Education, Learning and Training (ICELT 2018) Taipei, Taiwan
14th MIRDEC - 9th, International Academic Conference Multidisciplinary and Independent Studies on Social Sciences Rome, Italy
16th International Conference on Challenges to Social Science and Business Innovation Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
16th 6th Academic International Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Studies and Education - AICMSE Oxford, United Kingdom
16th 6th Academic International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (AICSSH) Oxford, United Kingdom
17th International Conference on English Studies, Women Empowerment, Education & Social Sciences Dubai 2018 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
17th International Conference on Literature, Education Social Science and Cultural Issues (LESC-2018) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
18th The Uncanny in Language, Literature and Culture London, United Kingdom
18th International Conference on Applied Science Business Economics and Social Science Research (ASBES-2018) Seoul, Korea (south)
21st 10th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR 2018) Tallinn, Estonia
22nd The 2018 International Conference on Education and Learning (ICEL) Tokyo, Japan
23rd Supernatural in Contemporary Society Conference Aberdeen, United Kingdom
25th 3rd International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Research on Social Sciences and Management studies (MRSSM) Tokyo, Japan
25th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Arts, Culture, Literature, Languages, Education, Philosophy and Spirituality New Delhi, India
26th 2018 2nd International Conference on Culture and History (ICCH 2018) Amsterdam, Netherlands
26th International Conference on Social Issue in Management, Public Administration and Economics Osaka, Japan
29th (ISSBRC 2/2018) 6th International Social Sciences and Business Research Conference Brussels, Belgium
29th Barcelona – International Conference on Research in Social Science & Humanities (ICRSSH), 29-30 Aug 2018 Barcelona, Spain
September 2018
1st The INTESDA International Conference on the Humanities, Social Sciences and Sustainability - ICOHS 2018 Tokyo, Japan
1st AUSSRE 2018 International Conference on Entrepreneurship Business and Economics Research Practices Sydney, Australia
2nd 15th DUBAI International Conference on Education, Humanities and Corporate Social Responsibilities (EHCSR-18) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
3rd International conference on Multidisciplinary Research Approaches in Social Sciences and Business Management Singapore, Singapore
4th Sustainable Development and Planning 2018 Siena , Italy
5th International Conference on Cross Culture Studies in Social Science, Economics and Management. (CCSEM) Phuket, Thailand
5th Language, Literature and Culture in Education 2018 Vienna, Austria
6th Eleventh International Conference on The Inclusive Museum - University of Granada Granada, Spain
7th Women's Leadership International Conference Washington DC, United States of America
7th 11th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture, and Education 2018 London, United Kingdom
7th Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education Academic Research Conference Washington DC, United States of America
7th International Conference on Globalization, Literature and Culture Pune, India
7th Asian and Middle East Scientific and Multidisciplinary Conference Washington DC, United States of America
8th AUSSRE Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development in the Studies of Social Sciences Melbourne, Australia
8th 2018 7th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Society (ICKCS 2018) Charleston, United States of America
9th International Indonesia Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies (IICIS) Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
10th Artisan!: Crafting Alternative Economies, Making Alternative Lives: A Multi-Disciplinary Conference Bristol, United Kingdom
11th Education Culture Society 2018 Wroclaw, Poland
12th Philosophy, Politics and Ethics in Contention Brighton, United Kingdom
14th 6th International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Management (ICOHT 2018) Kandy, Sri Lanka
14th SPACE International Conference 2018 on Architectural Culture and Society London, United Kingdom
14th 2nd International Academic Conference on Global Research in Business Management, Social Sciences and Humanities Manila, Philippines
14th 3th International Conference on New Findings On Humanities and Social Sciences Brussels, Belgium
14th 24th International Conference on Modern Research in Social Sciences, Management and Applied Business (MRSMB) Manila, Philippines
14th International Conference on Cross Cultural and Regional Studies Business and Public Administration (CRBP) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
15th 2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ICISS), 2018 Madison, United States of America
15th International Conference on Emerging Issues in Management & Marketing Research (EIMMR) Barcelona, Spain
15th 15th International Conference on Theoretical and Practical Implications in the field of Social Sciences, Humanities Business & Management Studies (TPISHM) Barcelona, Spain
15th International Education Conference on Business Economic and Management Research (EBEM) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
15th Annual International Conference on Economic Growth, Business Strategy and Social Sciences Reforms BSSR-18 Barcelona, Spain
15th 24th International Conference on Management, Business, Social and Humanities Research (MBSHR) Hong Kong, Hong Kong
17th 12th PARIS International Conference on Marketing, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (MEHSS-18) Paris, France
19th International Interdisciplinary Conference "The Postcolonial Family" Torun, Poland
20th Failing Identities: Identification and Resistance Liège, Belgium
20th II. International Sustainable Tourism Congress Gumushane, Turkey
20th The 5th International Conference on Social Sciences 2018 (ICOSS 2018) Colombo, Sri Lanka
20th Dreams, Phantasms and Memories - 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference Gdansk, Poland
20th 14th LISBON-PORTUGAL International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Education (LSSHE-18) Lisbon, Portugal
22nd 2018 International Conference on Social , Management, Business and Innovation in Applied Sciences Tokyo, Japan
22nd International Conference on Economics Social Science and Business Development Shanghai, China
22nd Play, Masks and Make-believe: Exploring Boundaries of Fictional Contexts London, United Kingdom
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