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Tourism conferences worldwide

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November 2017
22nd 5th International Conference on Education, Law, Business and Interdisciplinary Studies (ELBIS-17- Kuala Lumpur) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
24th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Colombo, Sri Lanka
24th International Academic Conference on Transport, Logistics, Tourism and Sport Science in Vienna, Austria 2017 (IAC-TLTS Vienna 2017) Vienna, Austria
24th International Conference on Women Entrepreneurship,  Management, E Commerce,Global Economy & Social Sciences 2017 Chennai, India
25th International Conference on London Studies "Myths, Tales and Urban Legends" London, United Kingdom
25th 21th World Cultural Tourism Conference Tokyo, Japan
27th MIRDEC-6th, International Academic Conference on Social Sciences (Global Meeting of Social Science Community) Lisbon, Portugal
28th 3rd International Conference on Business, Management, Tourism and Hospitality (BIZMATOUR 2017) Bandung, Indonesia
29th ITC'17 - International Tourism Congress Peniche, Portugal
December 2017
2nd International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Technology (ICSHT 2017) Kota Bharu, Malaysia
4th LONDON 8th International Conference on Languages, Social Sciences, Education & Interdisciplinary Studies (ICLSSE-17)  London, United Kingdom
4th 6th International Conference On Social Sciences Research 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4th 3rd Global Conference on Engineering and Technology Bangkok, Thailand
5th Langkawi International Conference on Tourism and Business Industrial 2017 (LICTBI 2017) Langkawi, Malaysia
8th Multidisciplinary Academic Conference on Transport, Tourism and Sport Science, Czech Republic, Prague 2017 Prague, Czech Republic
8th 4th World Research Summit for Tourism and Hospitality Orlando, United States of America
8th AgriFish2017- Fifth International Conference on Agriculture and Fisheries 2017 Colombo, Sri Lanka
9th International Conference On Leadership Strategies for Management of Marketing, Accounting,Law and Governance (MABEL- 17) New Delhi, India
13th The 2017 ICBTS International Academic Multidisciplines Research Conference in Paris Paris, France
14th 3rd Mauritius International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 14-15 December 2017 Port Louis, Mauritius
15th International Conference on Social Sciences and Business (ICSSB 2017) Jakarta, Indonesia
15th 9th MBAcademy International Business Conference London, United Kingdom
19th 27th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ICSSH), 19-20 Dec 2017, Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates
21st International Conference on Education, Management and Social Science (MSS2017) Tokyo, Japan
22nd Sixth International Conference on Business Management and Economics Colombo, Sri Lanka
22nd Second International Conference on Ayurveda Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plants Colombo, Sri Lanka
22nd Third International Conference on Food Resources and Security Colombo, Sri Lanka
26th 28th International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 26-27 Dec 2017, Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
28th The INTESDA 2nd Conference on Social Responsibility in Asia - COSRA 2017 Nagoya, Japan
29th DSG International Conference on Business and Economics (DICBE 2017) Bandung, Indonesia
29th 10th Annual International Business Conference: Agriculture, Health, Energy, and Engineering Dearborn, United States of America
January 2018
4th The INTESDA 4th Conference on Sustainable Tourism in Asia - COSTA 2018 Hiroshima, Japan
10th CFAR 2018 Hong Kong Global Conference on Management Techniques, Economic Performance and Tourism Research Hong Kong, Hong Kong
12th 11th International Conference on Management, Law, Economics and Interdisciplinary Studies (MLEIS-18)  Bali, Indonesia
15th TSU - AFBE International Conference 2018 Phuket, Thailand
16th International Tourism Conference & Exhibition Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
19th APBERS Okinawa Conference 2018 Okinawa, Japan
19th ICT18 International Conference on Tourism & Marketing Hong Kong Hong Kong, Hong Kong
22nd Cocreating Responsible Futures in the Digital Age - BSLab 5th International Symposium Naples, Italy
24th ENTER2018 eTourism Conference Jönköping, Sweden
27th Academic Writing Workshop London, United Kingdom
28th ASEAN Tourism Research Conference 2018 Phuket, Thailand
29th Winter Global Business Conference Tignes, France
30th 2018 International Conference on Hospitality, Leisure, Sports, and Tourism (HLST 2018) Sapporo, Japan
February 2018
1st 4th International Conference On “Global Issues In Multidisciplinary Academic Research ” (GIMAR- 2018) Tokyo, Japan
2nd International Conference on Tourism, Travel, Leisure and Hospitality Bohol, Philippines
7th The 2018 International Academic Multidisciplines Research Conference in London London, United Kingdom
9th 1st International Conference on Halal Tourism Denpasar, Indonesia
15th The 1st International Congress on Desert Economy: Tourism and economic integration in Africa Dakhla, Morocco
16th International Conference on Tourism & Marketing Bangkok, United States of America
17th 4th Dubai International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 17-18 February 2018, UAE Dubai, United Arab Emirates
22nd The International and National Conference on Business Administration and Accountancy 2018 Khon Kaen, Thailand
26th 2nd Conference on Technology and Operations Management Sintok, Malaysia
27th International Conference on Diversification Trends Management Sciences, Economics Social Sciences (DTMSES) Osaka, Japan
March 2018
1st World Luxury Destinations Conference 2018 Bangkok, Thailand
1st The 2018 ICBTS International Academic Multidisciplines Research Conference in Vienna Vienna, Austria
2nd The 12th Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in Prague 2018, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
5th 5th International Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Marketing- ICBEMM 2018 March (Oxford) Oxford, United Kingdom
9th 7th International Conference on Globalization, Enterprises, and Economic Development Washington DC, United States of America
12th WEI International European Academic Conference on Business and Economics, Management and Finance Barcelona, Spain
14th Global Conference on Hospitality, Tourism, Event and Leisure Management (HOTEL Conference) Miami, United States of America
15th International Conference on Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Marketing: Setting Agenda for Future Research Shillong, India
16th 4th International Conference on Management, Business, & Economics & The 6th International Conference on Tourism, Transport, & Logistics Niagara Falls, Canada
16th International Academic Conference on Transport, Logistics, Tourism and Sport Science in Budapest, Hungary 2018 Budapest, Hungary
22nd International Conference on Tourism Research Jyväskylä, Finland
23rd International Conference on Unani and Traditional Medicine Colombo, Sri Lanka
25th IABE - 2018 West Palm Beach - Spring Conference - Research / Teaching Excellence in Business and Economics West Palm Beach, United States of America
April 2018
1st 2018 International Symposium on Business and Management Osaka, Japan
5th Sacred Sites/Sacred Stories: Global Perspectives Canberra, Australia
5th 05th International Conference on Business Management and Economics Bangkok, Thailand
12th The 2018 International Academic Multidisciplinary Research Conference in Las Vegas Las Vegas, United States of America
13th Multidisciplinary Conference on Education and Tourism Studies 2018 (MCETS 2018) Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
13th International Conference on Marketing and Tourism New York, United States of America
17th International Academic Conference on Business and Economics, Management and Finance (IAC-BEMF 2018) at Vienna University Vienna, Austria
25th International Conference on Current Innovations in Business, Management and Social Sciences Research Shanghai, China
May 2018
1st 11th International Conference on Innovative Trends in Science, Engineering and Management 2018 (ICITSEM 2018) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2nd 4th Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 02-03 May 2018, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2nd Sustainable Tourism 2018 Vienna, Austria
9th The 2018 International Multidisciplines Research Conference in Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands
12th International Conference on Urban Studies: "Metropolitan Identities" London, United Kingdom
14th World Medical Wellness Summit Berlin, Germany
15th 4th International Scientific Conference Geobalcanica 2018 Ohrid, Macedonia
17th Third International Conference on Tourism and Leisure Studies Lanzarote, Spain
21st 2nd Lisbon International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 21-22 May 2018, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal
23rd 9th International Conference “An Enterprise Odyssey: Managing Change to Achieve Quality Development” Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)
23rd International Conference on Trends in Tourism Research, Hospitality and Social Sciences Bangkok, Thailand
24th 2nd International Research Symposium in Tourism Hospitality & Events Sunderland, United Kingdom
25th TOURAVEL '18 / V. International Tourism, Travel and Leisure Conference Istanbul, Turkey
June 2018
5th American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines | Ryerson University (Toronto) Toronto, Canada
5th 2nd Rome International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 05-06 June 2018, Italy Rome, Italy
12th HERITAGE 2018 – 6th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development Granada, Spain
12th 4th Singapore International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 12-13 June 2018 Singapore, Singapore
14th IABE - 2018 Munich - Summer Conference "Perspectives On Agile Management And Agile Organization" Munich, Germany
14th International Academic Research Conference on Tourism, Management and Innovation Research Hong Kong, Hong Kong
19th 7th International Symposium "Monitoring of Mediterranean coastal areas: problems and measurement techniques" Livorno, Italy
19th The 12th International Energy Conference Tehran, Iran
20th The International Academic Multidisciplines Research Conference in Zurich Zurich, Switzerland
22nd International conference on Contemporary Issues in Marketing Colombo, Sri Lanka
22nd International Conference on Digital Marketing Colombo, Sri Lanka
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