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Poverty conferences worldwide

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September 2019
25th National Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development Palo, Philippines
27th International Conference on Global Contemporary Issues Colombo, Sri Lanka
October 2019
9th 21st BUDAPEST International Conference on Law, Business, Education & Corporate Social Responsibilities (LBECSR-19) Budapest, Hungary
12th 03rd International Conference on Election and Democracy Paris, France
12th AUSSRE 2019 International Research Conference on Theory and Practice in Social Sciences Fora (TPSSF) Sydney, Australia
12th International Conference on Globalization Issues in Business, Management, Marketing & Social Sciences (GBMS-OCT-2019) Paris, France
14th International Conference on Women's Right Paris, France
16th 2019 Big Data in Agriculture Convention Hyderabad, India
17th 2nd International Conference on Emerging Research Paradigms in Social Science and Management (ERSM) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
17th CARN-ALARA Conference 2019 Split, Croatia (Hrvatska)
18th Middle East and Asia-Pacific Multidisciplinary Conference Washington DC, United States of America
19th 3rd International Conference on Dynamics of Social Sciences and Humanities Research (DSSHR-2019) Istanbul, Turkey
21st ICAS2019 - 7th Asian Studies International Conference 2019 Kathmandu, Nepal
25th ISER Int. Conference on Novel Approaches in Social Science, Management Disciplines, Education, Economy and Business Rome, Italy
25th International Conference on Implications of Research in Economics, Management and Social Sciences Malé, Maldives
25th 8th International Conference on Management, Business and Economics IC -MBE 2019 Prishtina, Rep of Kosovo
25th Int. Conference on Contemporary issues in Social Science, Innovation, Culture, Economics and Management Sciences Male, Maldives
26th 2nd International Conference on Business Marketing Strategies Social Science and Management Research (BMSM) Osaka, Japan
28th (WEI-BEMF-Montreal 2019)-International Academic Conference on Business&Economics, Management, and Finance Montreal, Canada
November 2019
14th 2nd International Conference on Research in Social Science, Economic, Law and Education Seoul, Korea (south)
15th 2nd International Conference on Advancement in Business, Finance, Management and Social Science (ABFMS) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
15th Economics, Management, and Social Development International Conference Washington DC, United States of America
18th 2nd International Conference on Disaster Management, Economics, Business,E-Commerce and Social Sciences (DEBES) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
19th International Academic Conference on Business and Economics, Management and Finance (WEI-BEMF-Rome 2019) Rome, Italy
22nd 2nd International Conference on Research in Humanities Paris, France
25th Int. Conference on Academic Research in Violence and Women’s Studies, Management, Social Sciences & Business Economics Rome, Italy
25th International Congress on Law, Regional Studies, Social Sciences & Humanities (LRSH) Rome, Italy
December 2019
4th International Conference for Research on African Challenges Cairo, Egypt
5th 6th International Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development (ICPSD 2019) Colombo, Sri Lanka
6th GENDER AND WOMEN'S STUDIES '19 / IV. International Conference on Gender and Women's Studies Istanbul, Turkey
16th 02nd International Conference on Women and Child Health Colombo, Sri Lanka
18th 26th Lisbon International Conference on "Humanities, Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies" (LHSSIS-19) Lisbon, Portugal
18th 17th Lisbon International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Law, Society and Education Lisbon, Portugal
18th 05th International Conference on Food and Resource Security Colombo, Sri Lanka
21st The 6th Conference on Human Development in Asia (COHDA 2019) Hiroshima, Japan
23rd 2nd International Conference on HR Social Science Economics and Business (HRSEB) Bangkok, Thailand
26th 3rd International Conference on Innovative Research in Management, Social Sciences, Economics and Information Technology Bali, Indonesia
28th 2nd International Symposium on Quality Developments in E-business, Social Sciences and Management (QESM) London, United Kingdom
January 2020
10th 3rd International Conference on Communication Media, Education Research and Business Management (CMEBM) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
15th 2020 International Conference on Education and Global Studies (IConEGS 2020) Osaka, Japan
18th International Conference on Business Strategy, R&D, Management, Social Sciences & Humanities Istanbul, Turkey
25th 3rd International Conference on Social & Economic Impact of Entrepreneurship, Business & Social Sciences Barcelona, Spain
February 2020
8th 3rd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences , Business Management and Sustainable Developments Sydney, Australia
8th 2nd International Conference on Business, Sustainability, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences London, United Kingdom
11th International Academic Conference on Business & Economics, Management, and Finance(WEI-BEMF-Barcelona 2020) Barcelona, Spain
12th 3rd International Academic Research Conference in Business Social Science and Humanities Seoul, Korea (south)
14th International Academic Conference on Trade, Business, Language, Humanities and Social Sciences Dubai, United Arab Emirates
15th ISBER International Conference on Applied Research in Business Management, Economics, Humanities & Social Sciences-ABHS Istanbul, Turkey
28th 03rd International Conference on Peace and Conflict Management Pretoria, South Africa
March 2020
14th Int. Conference on Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Change and Innovation in Economics, Business and Social Sciences London, United Kingdom
18th 4th Financial Inclusion Conference - roads to resilience Sydney, Australia
19th Global Conference on Women and Gender: Gender, Politics, and Everyday Life: Power, Resistance, and Representation Newport News, VA, United States of America
21st International Conference on Multicultural Advances in Business Management and Social Sciences Istanbul, Turkey
April 2020
4th International Conference on Trends in Communication, Leadership, Business, Social Sciences and Humanities (TLBS) Paris, France
14th International Academic Conference on Business & Economics, Management, and Finance (WEI-BEMF-Vienna 2020) Vienna, Austria
18th International Conference on Global Challenges and Perspectives in Management studies and Social Sciences Istanbul, Turkey
20th 2nd International Conference on Dynamics of Social Science, Marketing Management and Business and Economics (DSMBE) Bangkok, Thailand
May 2020
22nd CPUD '20 / V. International City Planning and Urban Design Conference Istanbul, Turkey
June 2020
25th 2nd International Conference on Economics, Business and Social Science Research (EBSSR) Bangkok, Thailand
July 2020
11th 3rd International Conference on Emerging Issues in Economics , Social Sciences and Business Management (EIESSBM-2020) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
27th 2020 WEI International Academic Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Finance (Harvard Faculty Club, Boston) Boston, United States of America
September 2020
3rd Tenth International Conference on Health, Wellness, & Society Paris, France
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