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March 2024
9th 14th Poverty and Social Protection Conference (PSPC2024) Bangkok, Thailand in-person
14th 4th International Conference on Gender Studies and Sexuality Berlin, Germany online and in-person
April 2024
23rd International Academic Conference on Business & Economics, Management, and Finance (WEI-BEMF-Vienna 2024) Vienna, Austria in-person
May 2024
17th 13th International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting Rome, Italy online and in-person
23rd International Congress on Women in a Global World IV: Struggle for Equality (WGW 2024) ?stanbul, Turkey online and in-person
24th CPUD '24 / X. International Online City Planning and Urban Design Conference online
June 2024
7th 4th Global Conference on Children and Youth Cambridge, United Kingdom online and in-person
14th 15th International Conference on Management,Economics and Humanities Nice, France online and in-person
27th 41st AMSTERDAM International Conference on studies in “Humanities & Social Sciences” (AHS2-24) Amsterdam, Netherlands in-person
July 2024
8th 11th International Conference on Gender and Women's Studies 2024 Mumbai, India in-person
17th Seventeenth Global Studies Conference – Global Studies Research Network and Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland Kraków, Poland online and in-person
August 2024
6th The WEI International Academic Conference on Business, Economics, Management and Finance(WEI-BEFM-Istanbul 2024) Istanbul, Turkey in-person
23rd 8th International Academic Conference on Management and Economics Oxford, United Kingdom online and in-person
29th 39th MILAN-ITALY International Conference on “Literature, Humanities & Social Sciences” (MLHSS-24) Milan, Italy in-person
October 2024
26th Canadian International Conference on Sustainable Development 2024 Toronto, Canada in-person

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