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April 2023
20th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (ICMR) 2023 online
May 2023
8th Geobalcanica 2023 Skopje, North Macedonia in-person
31st KUALA LUMPUR 34th International Conference on Research in “Science, Engineering and Technology” (IRSET-23) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia online and in-person
June 2023
15th MILAN 24th International Conference on “Innovations in Science & Technology” (MIST-23) Milan, Italy online and in-person
26th The 14th International Conference, Nairobi, Kenya June 26 to 30, 2023 Kenya (online and in-person options) Nairobi, Kenya online and in-person
July 2023
3rd 50th ATHENS International Conference on “Advances in Science & Technology” (AICAST-23) Athens, Greece online and in-person
August 2023
14th 18th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies : ICISSS 2023 August (Boston) Boston, United States of America in-person
17th Materials, Methods & Technologies 2023, 25th International Conference Burgas, Bulgaria online and in-person
21st Applied Research International Conference on Business and Humanities (ARICBH) 2023 Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
September 2023
13th 6th International Hybrid Conference Water resources and wetlands Tulcea, Romania online and in-person
24th 6th International Symposium and Field Workshop Living with Environmental Challenges in the Coastal Zones Marsa Alam, Egypt online and in-person
October 2023
5th 5. International Congress on Geographical Education Antalya, Turkey in-person
November 2023
22nd International Congress "Uncertain Landscapes. Beyond Transdisciplinary Approaches" Guimarães, Portugal in-person

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