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December 2022
10th 3rd International Congress on Human Rights & Duties online
11th 2022 LISBON 37th International Conference on “Latest Trends in Science and Technology” (LLTST-22) Lisbon, Portugal online and in-person
11th 02nd International Conference on Civil and Transport Engineering Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
15th 2022 Winter Global Public Policy and Administration Symposium Los Angeles, United States of America online and in-person
17th 02nd International Conference on Aerospace Engineering and Space Village Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
19th PATTAYA 32nd International Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (PICSET-22) Pattaya, Thailand online and in-person
22nd 02nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technology Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
22nd BANGKOK 22nd International Conference on Innovations in Engineering, Science and Technology (BIEST-22) Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
29th 02nd International Drone Conference (IDC 2022) Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
January 2023
7th 3rd International Conference on Engineering, Information Technology, Applied Sciences, Computer Software & Networking Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in-person
10th 3rd International Conference on Manufacturing, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Information Technology Rome, Italy in-person
14th 2nd International Conference on System Engineering, Aviation Management, Smart Materials & Information Technology Paris, France in-person
15th 2023 PORTO 38th International conference on Science, Engineering & Technology (PISET-23) Porto, Portugal online and in-person
February 2023
1st Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology London, United Kingdom in-person
6th 15th Annual Border Security Conference 2023 London, United Kingdom in-person
7th 47th LISBON International Conference on Science, Engineering, Technology and Healthcare (LSETH-23) Lisbon, Portugal online and in-person
11th Int Conference on Plastic and Polymers, Robotics, Applied Sciences, Design Engineering & Artificial Intelligence Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in-person
11th 4th International Conference on Applied Sciences, Data Mining, Engineering, Design & Smart Material (ADEDAS) Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
18th Int Conf on Polymers and Plastics, Artificial Intelligence. Robotics, Smart Materials, Engineering & Information Tech Shanghai, China in-person
21st 3rd International Conference on Communication, Network, Automation Engineering & Applied Sciences Male, Maldives in-person
23rd Second International Conference on Materials Design and Manufacturing Process Chennai, India online and in-person
25th 4th Int. Conf on Innovative Research in Computer Applications, Information Tech, System Engineering & Applied Sciences Amsterdam, Netherlands online and in-person
March 2023
1st Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe Conference Budapest, Hungary in-person
15th DSEI Japan, 15-17 March 2023, Makuhari Messe Chiba, Japan in-person
18th Int Conference on Emerging Trends in Technology, Engineering, Data Mining, Computer Software and Applied Sciences Amsterdam, Netherlands in-person
18th Faces of War International Conference London, United Kingdom online and in-person
19th ISTANBUL 33rd International conference on “Science, Engineering & Futuristic Technologies” (IISEFT-23) Istanbul, Turkey online and in-person
22nd Global Strategy Conference 2023 Budapest, Hungary in-person
23rd 2023 PATTAYA 39th International conference on “Science, Engineering, Technology & Natural Resources” (PSETN-23) Pattaya, Thailand online and in-person
25th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, Engineering, Applied Sciences & Technology Budapest, Hungary in-person
26th KUALA LUMPUR 23rd International Conference on “Innovations in Science, Engineering & Technology” (ICISET-23) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia online and in-person
April 2023
11th 48th MADRID International Conference on “Futuristic Trends in Science, Engineering & Technology” (DFSET-23) Madrid, Spain online and in-person
16th Scarred nations: Intrastate conflict, legacies and reconciliation / Titiro whakamuri ki anga whakamua Auckland, New Zealand in-person
20th 7th International Conference on Hate Studies Spokane, United States of America online and in-person
May 2023
19th TERRORISM STUDIES '23 / VII. International Online Conference on Terrorism and Political Violence online
December 2023
14th 2023 Winter Global Public Policy and Administration Symposium Los Angeles, United States of America online and in-person

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