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August 2022
13th 06th International Conference on Community Medicine and Public Health Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
15th 04th International Conference on Management, Health, Social Science & Engineering Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
24th 02nd International Conference on Indigenous Peoples Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
December 2022
5th International Conference on Dermatology and Cosmetology Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
11th 11th International Conference on Food Resources and Security Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
12th 12th International Conference on Health and Medicine Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
13th 10th International Conference On Ayurveda, Traditional Medicine, Siddha, Unani And Medicinal Plants Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
28th First International Conference on Indigenous Medicine & Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
28th 02nd International Conference on Innovation in Sciences, Management and Technology Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person
29th 02nd International Drone Conference (IDC 2022) Colombo, Sri Lanka in-person

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