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October 2022
15th 5th International Conference on Recent Advances in Business, Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities Tokyo, Japan in-person
17th The 13th Asian Conference on Media, Communication & Film (MediAsia2022) Kyoto, Japan online and in-person
17th The 3rd Kyoto Conference on Arts, Media & Culture (KAMC2022) Kyoto, Japan online and in-person
22nd 4th International Conference on Business Marketing Strategies Social Science and Management Research (BMSM) Osaka, Japan in-person
November 2022
12th International Conference on Current Research in the field of Social Sciences, Strategic Management and Applied Sciences Tokyo, Japan in-person
19th 4th Int, Conference on Multidisciplinary Academic Approaches in Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Social Science Osaka, Japan in-person
December 2022
17th 4th International Conference on Economics Business Banking and Finance, Social Science (EBFS) Osaka, Japan in-person
January 2023
6th 2023 9th International Conference on Humanity and Social Sciences (ICHSS 2023) Tokyo, Japan online and in-person

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