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April 2024
29th IW-AITD: International Workshop of AI Technology and open Discussio Tokyo, Japan in-person
June 2024
15th 4th International Conference on Business Sustainability, Human Resource Development and Social Responsibility (BSHDS) Tokyo, Japan in-person
July 2024
3rd 8th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies Tokyo, Japan online and in-person
4th SIBR 2024 Osaka Conference on Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research Osaka, Japan online and in-person
13th 2nd International conference on Technology and its Impact on Social Sciences, Humanities, and Business (TSSHB) Tokyo, Japan in-person
August 2024
24th 2nd International Conference on E-Business, Management and Economics Tokyo, Japan in-person
24th Inter Conf on Interdisciplinary Research on Education, Economics and Modern Approaches in Humanities and Social Sciences Osaka, Japan in-person
September 2024
7th Educational Innovation Forum: International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research Trends Tokyo, Japan in-person
October 2024
12th Elevate MEIE: International Conference on Management, Economics, IT, and Education Osaka, Japan in-person
November 2024
9th 2024 Asia Conference on Environmental Economics and Policy (ACEEP 2024) Osaka, Japan online and in-person

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