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February 2023
11th International Financial Management Conference Patna, India online and in-person
11th 14th International Conference on "Industry 4.0 & Optimising Operations and Shaping the Future of Business" Gwalior, India online and in-person
17th Business Transformation: Best Practices, Lesson Learned and Future Priorities Bengaluru, India online and in-person
24th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Business and Management Chennai, India online and in-person
24th 5th International Conference in Banking and Finance Bhubaneswar, India in-person
24th 11th International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Management - CIM 23 Bangalore, India online and in-person
April 2023
4th Behavioral Science in Management Conference 2023 Ahmedabad, India online and in-person
29th 12th International Conference of Management Practices and Research, ICMPR 2023 New Delhi, India online and in-person
May 2023
20th WIRIC- Conference in Management, Science Engineering Technologies & Law, Library, Science, Humanities Kochi, India online and in-person
August 2023
1st 7th ABEM 2023 Conference Bhubaneswar, India in-person

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