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December 2023
21st 2023 14th International Conference on Economics, Business and Management (ICEBM 2023) Osaka, Japan online and in-person
21st 2023 7th International Conference on Software and e-Business (ICSeB 2023) Osaka, Japan online and in-person
January 2024
18th MBP 2024 Tokyo International Conference on Management & Business Practices, 18-19 January Tokyo, Japan online and in-person
27th International Conference on Innovation in Social Research, Business Leadership and & Economics of Tomorrow Osaka, Japan in-person
27th 1st International Conference on E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Strategies Osaka, Japan in-person
February 2024
6th APBERS Japan Winter Conference 2024 Beppu, Japan in-person
24th Osaka February 2024 International Conference on “Business, Economics, Social Science & Humanities” Osaka, Japan in-person
March 2024
18th 2024 15th International Conference on E-Education, E-Business, E-Management and E-Learning (IC4E 2024) Fukuoka, Japan online and in-person
18th 2024 9th International Conference on Marketing, Business and Trade (ICMBT 2024) Fukuoka, Japan online and in-person
23rd 1st International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, Economic Sustainability and Sustainable Development Tokyo, Japan in-person
July 2024
4th SIBR 2024 Osaka Conference on Interdisciplinary Business & Economics Research Osaka, Japan online and in-person

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