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March 2024
2nd 11th International Conference on Indian Knowledge Systems for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals Varanasi, India online and in-person
8th International Conference on Growth Sustainability & Globalization Greater Noida, India online and in-person
15th 2nd International Conference on Latest trends in Business Management: Innovation, Technology and Sustainability 2024 Bengaluru, India online and in-person
15th 10th ICOMBS 2024 Hyderabad, India online and in-person
20th International Conference on Management,Technology & Entrepreneurial Challenges in Dynamic Business Environment-MTEC 2024 Bangalore, India online and in-person
21st International Conference on Mechanical Engineering Design ICMechD2024 Chennai, India in-person
24th International Conference "Global Synergy 2024" (KLA-GS24-2024) Thiruvanathapuram, India online and in-person
April 2024
4th 2nd International Conference on Computational Science and Management Panipat, India online and in-person
12th Research and NEP, 2020: Current Trends and Future Prospects Gandhinagar, India online and in-person
May 2024
24th ICMAETM-2024 Visnagar, India online and in-person
June 2024
28th ICMDISR-2024 Noida, India online and in-person
December 2024
7th 9th International Conference on Synergizing Sustainable Technologies and Management Practices (STAMP- 2024) MEERUT, India online and in-person

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