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Museums and heritage conferences worldwide

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June 2019
17th 2nd International Conference on Social Responsibilities, History and Applied Sciences (SRHA) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
19th 18th PORTUGAL International Conference on Arts, Business, Law and Education (ABLE-19-LISBON) Lisbon, Portugal
19th Fourteenth International Conference on The Arts in Society - Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal
20th International Conference on Economics, Business and Social Science Research (EBSSR) Bangkok, Thailand
22nd 2nd International Conference on Business Sustainability, Human Resource Development and Social Responsibility Tokyo, Japan
22nd The Place of Memory and Memory of Place Oxford, United Kingdom
22nd 1st International Conference on Strategic Issue in Business Economics Management and Social Sciences Budapest, Hungary
22nd SSERS International Conference on Business Economics, Management, Social Sciences and Education Research (BMSE) Budapest, Hungary
22nd International Conference on Academic Research in Economics, Social Science and Business Innovation (AESB-JUNE-2019) Athens, Greece
24th 2nd International Research Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Challenges (IRCEBC) Manila, Philippines
27th International Conference on Advanced Research in Business Administration, Management, Economics Development & Social Sciences Male, Maldives
29th 2nd International Conference on Institutional Development, Business law and Social Science Research Shanghai, China
29th 2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Practices in Management and Social Science (IMSS) Osaka, Japan
29th SSERS International Conference on Research Approaches in Social Science, Management, Humanities, Economy and Business Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 2019
5th The Seventeenth International Conference on Books, Publishing and Libraries - University of Granada Granada, Spain
6th 2nd TFCR International Conference on Economics, Social Science Innovation and Business Management (ESIBM) Istanbul, Turkey
8th BUDAPEST International Business, Education, Social Sciences, Tourism and Technology Conference Budapest, Hungary
8th 2nd International Conference on Theory and Practice in Business Management and Social Science (TPBMS) Phuket, Thailand
9th International Conference on (Neo)Victorian Studies: Frames of Mind London, United Kingdom
11th 2nd International Academic Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Humanities, Business and Social Sciences (MRHB) Bangkok, Thailand
17th REHAB 2019 - 4th International Conference on Preservation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings and Structures Guimarães, Portugal
22nd 9th EUROPEAN International Conference on Literature, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (BLEHS-19-BUDAPEST) Budapest, Hungary
22nd 2nd Int. Conference on Research Perspectives on Entrepreneurship Education, Business Management and Social Sciences Bali, Indonesia
25th ISER Int. Conference on Current Research in Business Management, Social Science, Economics Growth, Politics & Governance Rome, Italy
27th International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences, Economics, Law and Business Management Amsterdam, Netherlands
27th 2nd International Conference on Information Systems, Business, Management and Social Sciences (ISBMS) Osaka, Japan
27th Narratives of Temporality: Continuities, Discontinuities, Ruptures Cambridge, United Kingdom
29th 20th MADRID International Conference on Arts, Marketing, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies (AMEIS-19-SPAIN) Madrid, Spain
29th Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience Conference 2019 Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
August 2019
2nd Conference on Management, Sustainable Development, Multidisciplinary Studies, Economics, Social Sciences & Humanities Singapore, Singapore
5th 16th ITALY International Conference on Economics, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Studies (E2HS3-19-Milan) Milan, Italy
6th 2nd International Conference on New Trends in Education: Teaching, learning and Technology Istanbul, Turkey
7th LONDON International Business, Education, Social Sciences, Tourism and Technology Conference 2019 London, United Kingdom
8th The 2nd International Research Conference on Social Studies and Humanities Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10th ISBER International Conference on Impact of Research & Development on Business Economics and Social Sciences (IRBS) Istanbul, Turkey
10th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Business Strategy, Economics and Social Sciences Istanbul, Turkey
10th 2nd Bangkok Chapter on Contemporary Research Methods in Social Development and Business Management (CSDBM) Bangkok, Thailand
10th AUSSRE 2nd International Conference on Innovative Research Practice in Economics, Business and Social Sciences (IEBS) Sydney, Australia
10th Int. Conference on Novel Research Approaches in Business Development, Social Movements, Economics & Management Studies Paris, France
13th Memory Studies Summer School London, United Kingdom
15th The International Conference on Anthropology Colombo, Sri Lanka
20th International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Applied Management Research and Economics Theories Bali, Indonesia
22nd International Conference on Business Management, Economics and Social Science (BMESS) Bangkok, Thailand
24th SSERS International Conference on Business Innovation, Economic Growth, Management, Social Sciences & Humanities (BEGH) Budapest, Hungary
25th 2nd International Research Conference on Social Sciences (IRCSS 2019) Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
27th Int. Conference on Dynamics of Management, Economic Research, Business Administration, Social Sciences & Humanities Malé, Maldives
30th British FRCR 2B Database Review Dubai, United Arab Emirates
31st Fashion, Performance and Photography Lisbon, Portugal
September 2019
2nd 2nd International conference on Multidisciplinary Research Approaches in Social Sciences and Business Management Singapore, Singapore
9th 2nd International Conference on Cross Culture Studies in Social Science, Economics and Management (CCSEM) Phuket, Thailand
9th 14th PORTO – PORTUGAL International Conference on Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (PHSSE-19) Porto, Portugal
13th 2nd International Conference on Cross Cultural and Regional Studies Business and Public Administration (CRBP) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
14th AUSSRE 2019 International Conference on Entrepreneurship Business and Economics Research Practices Sydney, Australia
16th Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts – 3rd Edition Alexandria, Egypt
17th III. International Congress on Cultural Heritage and Tourism/Events Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
17th 2nd International Education Conference on Business Economic and Management Research (EBEM) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
21st 2019 International Conference on Social, Management, Business and Innovation in Applied Sciences Tokyo, Japan
21st 3rd International Conference on Emerging Issues in Management & Marketing Research (EIMMR) Barcelona, Spain
24th Sustainable Tourism in the Digital World Visby, Sweden
25th The Best in Heritage 2019 Dubrovnik, Croatia (Hrvatska)
25th Indonesia Heritage Tourism Forum 2019 Kabupaten Sleman, Indonesia
25th FSSER International Conference on Corporate Responsibility, Ethics and Accountability, Economics & Business Management Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
25th 2nd International Conference on Global Business and Social Science (ICGBSS 2019) Penang, Malaysia
27th International Conference on Current Achievement om Academic Research Economic and Social Science Malé, Maldives
28th 2nd International Conference on Social Science Business and Comparative Legal System (SBCL) Osaka, Japan
28th Int. Conference on Emerging Market Trends in Economics, International Relations, Business Management & Social Science Amsterdam, Netherlands
28th International Conference on Myths, Archetypes and Symbols: Models and Alternatives London, United Kingdom
28th International Conference on Innovation Advances in Business, Economics, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 2019
5th 5th International Conference on “Research Challenges To Multidisciplinary Innovation” (Rcmi-2019) Seoul, Korea (south)
5th TASS 2nd International Conference on Business Management, Economics, Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies (BESI) Taipei, Taiwan
7th A Great Community: John Ruskin's Europe Venice, Italy
9th 2nd International Conference on Business Economics, Social Science and Corporate Social Responsibility (BESS) Phuket, Thailand
10th 2nd International Conference on Humanities, Education, Business & Social Sciences (CEBS-19) Bangkok, Thailand
11th International Conference On Colour, Culture And Modern Art Paris, France
17th 2nd International Conference on Emerging Research Paradigms in Social Science and Management (ERSM) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
22nd SGEM Florence 2019 Florence, Italy
24th TOURMAN 2019 Conference: Tourism, travel and hospitality at crossroads: The way ahead Thessaloniki, Greece
24th 1st International Conference on Tourism and Entrepreneurship Belitung, Indonesia
25th Int. Conference on Contemporary issues in Social Science, Innovation, Culture, Economics and Management Sciences Male, Maldives
25th ARCHTHEO '19 / XIII. International Conference on Theory and History of Architecture  Istanbul, Turkey
26th 3rd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Social Sciences & Humanities Research (MPSHR) Barcelona, Spain
26th 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Issue in Marketing Business and Management Research Shanghai, China
30th BERLIN 2019 International Conference on Business, Education, Social Sciences and Technology Berlin, Germany
November 2019
2nd TFCR 2nd International Conference on Marketing Management, Business, Economics, Finance, Social Sciences & Humanities Istanbul, Turkey
4th nd Int. Conference on Social Contribution of Academic Research in Business Management Studies and Social Sciences Singapore, Singapore
6th TASS 2nd International Conference on Business Economics, HRM, Social Sciences, Popular Culture, Gender Studies Taipei, Taiwan
7th Twelfth International Conference on The Inclusive Museum Buenos Aires, Argentina
9th International Conference on Government, Humanities and Law (ICoGHL 2019) Langkawi, Malaysia
9th International Conference on Cross Culture Innovation Challenges in Business, Social Sciences & Humanities (ICBH) Paris, France
9th 2nd International Conference on New Approaches in Business, Social Science, Education Research and Knowledge Management Sydney, Australia
12th 14th PARIS International Conference on Marketing, Economics, Education & Interdisciplinary Studies (MEEIS-19-Paris) Paris, France
15th 7th International Urban Design Conference - Cities, People, Places- -ICCPP2019 Colombo, Sri Lanka
16th Play, Masks and Make-believe: Ritual Representations London, United Kingdom
16th 2nd International Symposium on Innovation in Business, Management, Economics & Social Science Athens, Greece
16th 2nd Int. Conference on Multidisciplinary Academic Approaches in Business Management, Entrepreneurship & Social Sciences Osaka, Japan
18th Foodways and Identity: Conference on Food and Drink Traditions Copenhagen, Denmark
21st IFAU19 - 3rd International Forum for Architecture and Urbanism. Modernisation and Globalization Tirana, Albania
21st 2nd International Conference on Education Economics Business and Social Science Research (EEBSR) Bangkok, Thailand
23rd 2nd International Conference on Creativity and Information Technology in Economics, Business, Tourism and Social Sciences London, United Kingdom
23rd International Conference on London Studies London, United Kingdom
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