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Religious studies conferences worldwide

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December 2017
15th International Conference on Social and Management Sciences; Theoretical and Practical Approaches Singapore, Singapore
17th International Conference on Islamic and Christian Model of Inter-religious Dialogue Qom, Iran
21st 7th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Development of Social and Management Science Discipline(KMDSM-December-2017) Bangkok, Thailand
21st International Conference on ARTS, MUSIC, LITERATURE and ISLAMIC Studies (AMLIS-2017) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
21st The INTESDA Asian Conference on the Arts, Humanities and Sustainability – ACAHS 2017 Hiroshima, Japan
25th 11th BANGKOK International Conference on Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Corporate Social Responsibilities Bangkok, Thailand
27th 9th International Conference on Arts, Film Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities (AFSSH-17) Pattaya, Thailand
28th 2017 7th International Conference on History and Society Development (ICHSD 2017) Hong Kong, China
28th 2017 6th International Conference on Sociality and Humanities (ICOSH 2017) Hong Kong, China
29th 1st International Conference on Reality and Expectations in Global Higher Education Dubai, United Arab Emirates
January 2018
1st International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences Research and Management Singapore, Singapore
1st International Conference on English, Arts, Sociology and Religious Studies (EASRS-2018) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
6th 2017 International Conference on Research Ethics and Innovational Challenges in Social Sciences and Humanities Cairo, Egypt
10th CFAR 2018 Hong Kong Global Conference on Management Techniques, Economic Performance and Tourism Research Hong Kong, Hong Kong
11th International Conference on Research Advancements in Social Sciences and Humanities Research Bangkok, Thailand
13th 4th International Conference on Media and Popular Culture Leeds, United Kingdom
13th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Practices in Business Management, Humanity & Social Sciences New York, United States of America
15th International Conference on Banking, Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
19th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Perspective & Optimization in Finance, Law and Social Sciences Dubai, United Arab Emirates
20th International Conference on Social & Economic Impact of Entrepreneurship, Business & Social Sciences Barcelona, Spain
20th Fourth International Conference on Women's Studies Leeds, United Kingdom
22nd 5th Academic International Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Studies and Education - AICMSE Oxford, United Kingdom
22nd 1st International Conference on Excellence and originality in Research and Education Tokyo, Japan
22nd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Global Issues in Social Sciences & Business and Economics GSBE-18 Bangkok, Thailand
25th Annual International Conference on E-learning of Business Management and Cooperate Social Responsibility Johannesburg, South Africa
25th Asia-Pacific Conference on Education, Teaching and Technology 2018 Bangkok, Thailand
27th 2018 5th International Conference on Linguistics, Literature and Arts (ICLLA 2018) Seoul, Korea (south)
February 2018
3rd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Education, Arts, Law, Business & Politics MEALP-18 Amsterdam, Netherlands
3rd TFCR International Conference on Business, Economics & Social Sciences Istanbul, Turkey
3rd AUSSRE Annual Int. Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences , Business Management and Sustainable Developments Sydney, Australia
5th INTCESS 2018 - 5th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences Istanbul, Turkey
10th Migrating World: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Migration and Integration London, United Kingdom
11th Mediterranean Conference for Academic Disciplines (Univ of Malta) Valletta, Malta
12th International Conference on Research Advancements in Social Sciences and Humanities Research Bangkok, Thailand
14th 3rd International Conference on Recent and Contemporary Advances in Academic Research Hong Kong, Hong Kong
16th International Conference on Sustainable Development in Economic Trade, Management & Social Sciences (EMSS-FEB-2018) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
17th International Conference on Knowledge Management:Role of Social Sciences, Economics & Business Barcelona, Spain
22nd Annual International Conference on Economic Development and Growth, Economic Policy and Rural Development Tokyo, Japan
22nd International Congress on Advance Research Methods in Global Economy, Applied Business and Social Innovation GABS-18 Bangkok, Thailand
24th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Contemporary Research (ICMCR-2018) Genting Highland, Malaysia
24th MBSS-2018 International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Business Management & Social Sciences Athens, Greece
March 2018
9th Society for the Academic Study of Social Imagery (SASSI) Greeley, United States of America
9th International Conference on Disciplinary Practices in the Study of Social Sciences, Business and Economy Phuket, Thailand
10th Mirror, Mirror: Perceptions, Deceptions, and Reflections in Time London, United Kingdom
12th WEI International European Academic Conference on Education and Humanities Barcelona, Spain
12th International Conference for Academic Disciplines (UNLV Campus, Las Vegas 2018) Las Vegas, United States of America
13th ICSP 2018 - International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology 2018 Bangkok, Thailand
14th Hong Kong International Convention on Operational Research and Business Management Hong Kong, Hong Kong
15th International conference on Issue in the Field of Social Sciences, Economic and Knowledge Management Seoul, Korea (south)
15th International Conference on Contemporary Issues Social Science Innovation Research. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
16th International Conference on Business Administration, Social Science and Public Health (BASP) Dubai, United Arab Emirates
16th International Conference on Challenges & Opportunities in Economics, Management and Multidisciplinary Social Sciences Pe Dubai, United Arab Emirates
17th Spirituality And... Culture Lisbon, Portugal
17th International Conference on Advanced Research in Economics, Social Sciences & Trade Development CARS-18 Barcelona, Spain
18th Creative Writing and Creative Reading: Rethinking Multiculturalism International Conference and Workshops London, United Kingdom
19th International Conference on Knowledge Management Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship Manila, Philippines
21st 11th International Conference on Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and Management (EHSSM-18) ISTANBUL - TURKEY Istanbul, Turkey
22nd The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy 2018 (ACERP2018) Kobe, Japan
22nd Global Status of Women and Girls: Women, Social Change and Activism Then and Now Newport News, United States of America
23rd 5TH International Conference on “Trends in Multidisciplinary Business & Economics Research” (TMBER -2018) Sydney, Australia
23rd 8th International Conference After Communism. East and West under Scrutiny Craiova, Romania
23rd CULTURAL STUDIES '18 / II. International Conference on Cultural Studies Istanbul, Turkey
24th International Conference on Vital Issues in the field of Social Sciences & Business Management Athens, Greece
26th 1ST International Conference on Halal Global 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
26th 2018 7th International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture (ICLMC 2018) Fukuoka, Japan
26th 2018 7th International Conference on Social Science and Humanity (ICSSH 2018) Fukuoka, Japan
26th 5th International Conference On Arabic Studies and Islamic Civilization 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
28th 8th International Conference on Languages, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (LEHSS-2018-LONDON) London, United Kingdom
28th Annual International Conference on Futuristic Trends in Accounting Management, Leadership Development & Applied Sciences Accra, Ghana
April 2018
5th 4TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON “Multidisciplinary Innovation in Business Engineering Science & Technology” Bangkok, Thailand
5th Sacred Sites/Sacred Stories: Global Perspectives Canberra, Australia
5th International Conference on Impact of R & D on Business, Economics and Social Sciences Taipei, Taiwan
6th 3rd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Research for Sustainable Economic Development Istanbul, Turkey
6th 2018 Ray Browne Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies Bowling Green, United States of America
7th International Forum for Academic Research in Entrepreneurship and Social Sciences Sydney, Australia
9th International Conference on Marketing Management Social Science and Business Phuket, Thailand
12th Fifteenth Annual Conference in Citizenship Studies: Religion and Citizenship Detroit, United States of America
13th Dynamic Asia: Shaping the Future Riga, Latvia
14th Global Convention on Recent Trends in Social Sciences, Management and Economics Research Melbourne, Australia
16th Academic Summit on Entrepreneurship, Business Intelligence Research & Leadership Hong Kong, Hong Kong
17th Eighth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society Berkeley, United States of America
17th International Academic Conference on Education and Humanities and Social Sciences (WEI-EHSS 2018) at Vienna University Vienna, Austria
18th PLACES OF FAITH 2018 - International Conferece on Cultural, Political, Socio-Economic, Artistic and Architectural Expres Lisbon, Portugal
20th INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS '18 / II. International Conference on International Relations Studies Istanbul, Turkey
20th TERRORISM STUDIES '18 / II. International Conference on Terrorism and Political Violence Istanbul, Turkey
20th International Conference on Dynamics of Management and Economic Research Barcelona, Spain
21st International Conference on Business Management, CSR and Research Method Barcelona, Spain
24th International Conference on Contemporary Perspectives of Social Science, Humanities and Education, Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt
25th International Conference on Current Innovations in Business, Management and Social Sciences Research Shanghai, China
25th 2018 4th International Conference on Learning and Teaching—ICLT 2018 Singapore, Singapore
27th 2018 NEW YORK International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference NEW YORK, United States of America
28th “Somewhere In Between: Borders and Borderlands” International Conference London, United Kingdom
May 2018
2nd International Conference on Modern Tendency in Social Science, Humanities, Economy and Business Management Singapore, Singapore
3rd II. International Congress on Cultural Heritage and Tourism Tashkent, Uzbekistan
5th TFCR International Conference on Marketing Management, Leadership, Innovation and Economics Istanbul, Turkey
10th International Symposium on Sociology of Religion Aksaray, Turkey
12th International Conference on Urban Studies: "Metropolitan Identities" London, United Kingdom
15th IISES 3rd Arts & Humanities Conference in Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
17th International conference on Global Issues in Economics Business and Management Studies Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
19th International Conference on Knowledge Economy, Artificial Intelligence & Social Sciences Tokyo, Japan
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