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November 2023
28th 9th IEEE International Students Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Sciences Bhopal, India online and in-person
December 2023
6th International Conference on Technology Research, Automation, Engineering, and Management (TRAEM-23) Mumbai- , India online and in-person
14th IEEE International Conference on Recent Trends in Advanced Computing Chennai, India online and in-person
15th International Conference on Computing Paradigm Yelagiri Hills, India online and in-person
15th International Conference on Computational Modeling and Sustainable Energy Gandhinagar, India in-person
18th 30th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing, Data, and Analytics (HiPC) Goa, India in-person
29th IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Innovations in Healthcare Industries Raipur, India online and in-person
February 2024
2nd International Conference on Computer, Electrical and Communication Engineering Kolkata, India in-person
9th 5th 2024 IEEE International Conference on Computing, Power, and Communication Technologies (IC2PCT 2024) Greater Noida, India online and in-person
16th 7th International Conference on Innovative Computing & Communication DELHI, India in-person
21st International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Data Science Chennai, India in-person
March 2024
6th InCITe 2024 Noida, India online and in-person
22nd IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering and Communication Systems Bengaluru, India in-person
May 2024
17th 5th International Conference On Engineering and Advancement In Technology Hyderabad, India online and in-person

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