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July 2024
25th 2024 8th International Conference on Linguistics and Literature (ICLL 2024) Krems, Austria online and in-person
25th 2024 8th International Conference on Culture and History (ICCH 2024) Krems, Austria online and in-person
August 2024
7th 2024 The 10th International Conference on Culture, Languages and Literature (ICCLL 2024) Berlin, Germany online and in-person
September 2024
5th The Irreplicable Human/-ities? Skørping, Denmark in-person
27th The International Conference on Education, Religion and Ethics in a Post-Pandemic World Nagoya, Japan online and in-person
October 2024
1st The 6th International Qualitative Research Conference online
15th 7th International Seminar on Philosophy, Civilisation, Ethics and Islamic Heritage (i-STET2024) Seremban, Malaysia online and in-person
18th 2nd World Conference on Cultural Studies Manchester, United Kingdom online and in-person
29th The Fifth International Conference on Contemporary of Islamic Studies and Emerging Issues 2024 (ICCISEI 2024) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in-person
November 2024
1st 10th International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences Copenhagen, Denmark online and in-person
1st 3rd International Conference on LGBT studies Copenhagen, Denmark online and in-person
22nd 10th International Conference on Social sciences, Humanities and Education London, United Kingdom online and in-person
23rd 2024 14th International Conference on Languages, Literature and Linguistics (ICLLL 2024) Tokyo, Japan online and in-person
December 2024
6th REFUGEES AND FORCED IMMIGRATION '24 / IX. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Refugee and Forced Immigration online
12th 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences in the Modern Era Dubai, United Arab Emirates online and in-person
January 2025
10th 2025 11th International Conference on Humanity and Social Sciences (ICHSS 2025) Fukuoka, Japan online and in-person

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