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July 2023
3rd 2023 EdTec – International Conference on Education & Learning Technology, 03-04 July, Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
7th The 14th International Graduate Students Conference on Population and Public Health Sciences (IGSCPP) Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
7th PsyCon Bangkok–International Conference on Psychology & Psychiatry, 07-08 July 2023 Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
24th 10th International Conference on Gender, Women's and Queer Studies 2023 Bangkok, Thailand in-person
25th International Conference of Organizational Innovation Bangkok, Thailand in-person
27th The 2nd Thailand International Conference on Psychology, 2023 Bangkok, Thailand in-person
August 2023
30th 43rd BANGKOK International Conference on Studies in “Humanities, Education and Social Sciences” (BSHESS-23) Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
September 2023
14th 15th Global Conference on Business and Social Sciences Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
November 2023
10th 9th Public Health Conference (PHC2023) Bangkok, Thailand in-person
14th 5th International Conference on Sexuality: Health, Education and Rights (ICSHER2023) Bangkok, Thailand in-person
28th AIC2023 15th Congress of the International Colour Association Chiang Rai, Thailand in-person
March 2024
13th 9th International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology [ICSP2024] Bangkok, Thailand in-person
17th 2nd International Conference on Happiness and Well-being [ICHW2024] Bangkok, Thailand in-person

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