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July 2023
14th 2023 IEEE IAS Industrial and Commercial Power System Asia (IEEE I&CPS Asia 2023) Chongqing, China online and in-person
27th IEEE--2023 The 5th International Conference on Power and Energy Technology (ICPET 2023) Tianjin, China online and in-person
September 2023
15th 2023 6th International Conference on Renewable Energy and Power Engineering (REPE 2023) Beijing, China online and in-person
21st The XIV Congress of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG XIV Congress 2023) Chengdu, China online and in-person
22nd IEEE--2023 The 8th International Conference on Power and Renewable Energy (ICPRE 2023)--SCI Shanghai, China online and in-person
November 2023
23rd 2023 14th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (ICEST 2023) Qingdao, China online and in-person
23rd 2023 3rd International Symposium on Energy, Water and Environment (SEWE 2023) Qingdao, China online and in-person
24th 2023 3rd International Conference on Smart City and Green Energy (ICSCGE 2023) Hong Kong, China online and in-person
24th IEEE--2023 The 6th International Conference on Power and Energy Applications (ICPEA 2023) Weihai, China online and in-person
December 2023
8th IEEE 2023 4th International Conference on Power Engineering (IEEE ICPE 2023) Macau, China online and in-person
15th 2023 the International Conference on Environmental Monitoring and Governance (ICEMG2023) Shenzhen, China online and in-person

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