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January 2024
19th Pure & Applied Sciences International Conference, 19-20 January 2024, Tokyo Tokyo, Japan online and in-person
19th 2024 10th International Conference on Advances in Environment Research (ICAER 2024) Tokyo, Japan online and in-person
February 2024
21st 2024 The 5th International Conference on Waste Recycling and Management (ICWRM 2024) Tokyo, Japan online and in-person
21st ACM--2024 The 13th International Conference on Informatics, Environment, Energy and Applications (IEEA 2024) Tokyo, Japan online and in-person
26th 2024 13th International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Process (ICCCP 2024) Tokyo, Japan online and in-person
March 2024
15th 2024 14th International Conference on Future Environment and Energy (ICFEE 2024) Matsue City, Japan online and in-person
15th 2024 11th International Conference on Geological and Civil Engineering (ICGCE 2024) Matsue, Japan online and in-person
22nd 2024 8th International Conference on Material Engineering and Manufacturing (ICMEM 2024) Osaka, Japan online and in-person
April 2024
5th 2024 The 6th International Conference on Clean Energy and Electrical Systems (CEES 2024) Kyoto, Japan online and in-person
9th 2024 11th International Conference on Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS 2024) Sapporo, Japan online and in-person
July 2024
12th 2024 5th International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Engineering (AMSE 2024) Yokohama, Japan online and in-person

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