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July 2021
25th ICOC - International Continuous Online Conference online
June 2024
25th The Creativity Workshop in Florence - June 25-28, 2024 New York, United States of America in-person
26th Beyond the Comic Strip: Exploring Graphic Narratives, Creative Inquiry, and Arts-Based Research online
26th London: LIVABLE CITIES London, United Kingdom online and in-person
26th 22nd International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy + Online Rome, Italy online and in-person
July 2024
3rd Twenty-fourth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Luisada University, Portugal + Online Lisbon, Portugal online and in-person
8th Two-Day National Seminar on Unveiling the Visionary: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's Perspective on Nation and Nationalism Silchar, India in-person
11th Eco-Poetics and Environmental Artivism A Transdisciplinary Conference London, United Kingdom online and in-person
15th Critical Heritages - BARCELONA Barcelona, Spain online and in-person
17th Seventeenth Global Studies Conference – Global Studies Research Network and Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland Kraków, Poland online and in-person
23rd 11th International Conference on Language, Literature and Linguistics 2024 Manila, Philippines in-person
24th The 5th Annual Conference of the International Society for Academics in Research (ISfAR) Zanzibar City, Tanzania online and in-person
August 2024
5th MBALI International Conference 2024 Richards Bay, South Africa online and in-person
6th The WEI International Academic Conference on Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences(WEI-EHSS-Istanbul 2024) Istanbul, Turkey in-person
8th International Research Conference on Education and Multidisciplinary Studies (ARICEMS) Boston 2024 Boston, United States of America online and in-person
10th Innovate to Thrive: International Conference on Multidisciplinary Business, Engineering, Science & Technology Innovation Amsterdam, Netherlands in-person
12th Global Academic View: Summer Conference 2024 Portoroz, Slovenia in-person
19th Applied research International Conference on Business and Humanities (ARICBH) 2024 Oxford, U.K Oxford, United Kingdom online and in-person
19th International Case Study Congress (ICSC) 2024 Sintok, Malaysia in-person
21st Education, Research and Development 2024, 15th International Conference Burgas, Bulgaria online and in-person
30th The 2nd International Conference: Architecture Across Boundaries 2024 Suzhou, China in-person
September 2024
7th Educational Innovation Forum: International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research Trends Tokyo, Japan in-person
11th AIMC 2024 : Trends in Further Education (16+) : a multidisciplinary perspective Msida, Malta in-person
11th 16th Global Conference on Business and Social Sciences Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia online and in-person
25th Minimally Invasive Surgery Week 2024 Lake Buena Vista, United States of America in-person
October 2024
5th 6th International Conference on Mental Healthcare in India: Basics and Beyond Lucknow, India online and in-person
10th 21th SCF Conference on “Economic, Social, and Managerial Implications of Information & Communication Technologies” Antalya, Turkey online and in-person
12th Transdisciplinary Conference on Intersecting Creative Arts and Science London, United Kingdom online and in-person
18th 2nd World Conference on Cultural Studies Manchester, United Kingdom online and in-person
24th Agents of Change: Unraveling Complexity and Advancing Transformation Edmonton, Canada in-person
November 2024
6th Multidisciplinary Update in Breast Disease 2024 La Jolla, United States of America in-person
7th Action Learning Action Research Conference 2024 - Transdisciplinary Action Learning and Action Research Sydney, Australia online and in-person
28th 2024 Malaysia Conference on Applied Psychology LIVE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia online and in-person
December 2024
3rd 2024 Asia-Singapore Conference on Sport Science LIVE Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
5th 2024 Singapore Conference on Applied Psychology LIVE Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
7th 9th International Conference on Synergizing Sustainable Technologies and Management Practices (STAMP- 2024) MEERUT, India online and in-person
11th SOCIETY. SPACES. SCREENS Phoenix, United States of America online and in-person
12th 2024 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics and Finance LIVE Singapore, Singapore online and in-person
20th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies in Education Research & Technology 2024 (ISERT – 2024) Dubai, United Arab Emirates online and in-person
January 2025
6th New Schools of Thought Los Angeles, United States of America online and in-person
20th DARKNESS II: Invisible Imaginaries Nuuk, Greenland in-person
23rd 21st International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability - Florida International University, Miami, USA + Online Miami, United States of America online and in-person
March 2025
1st 16th Women's Leadership and Empowerment Conference (WLEC2025) Bangkok, Thailand in-person
5th 20th Education and Development Conference [EDC2025] Bangkok, Thailand in-person
9th 15th Poverty and Social Protection Conference [PCRC2025] Bangkok, Thailand in-person
13th 10th International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology [ICSP2025] Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
17th 3rd International Conference on Happiness and Well-being [ICHW2025] Bangkok, Thailand online and in-person
24th The 11th Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology (AGen2025) Tokyo, Japan online and in-person
April 2025
10th 15th International Conference on The Constructed Environment, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany + Online Berlin, Germany online and in-person
June 2025
10th Prague: Research & Teaching Prague, Czech Republic online and in-person
25th London Heritages 2025 London, United Kingdom online and in-person
July 2025
9th Lisbon: Livable cities Lisbon, Portugal online and in-person
16th Barcelona: Livable Cities Barcelona, Spain online and in-person

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