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December 2023
15th STRIDE International Conference Gurugram, India online and in-person
15th International Conference on Biological Sciences for Sustainable Future 2023 Navi Mumbai, India online and in-person
16th International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (ICOSCM) 2023 Nashik, India online and in-person
19th 6th International Conference on Recent Trends in Materials and Devices Noida, India in-person
20th International Conference of Recent Advances in Industrial and Systems Engineering (RAISE2023) Vellore, India in-person
20th Winter Business School Conference 2023 Gurgaon, India in-person
22nd International Conference on Renewable Energy, Green Computing and Sustainable Development Hyderabad, India online and in-person
January 2024
4th 2024 International Conference on Social and Sustainable Innovations in Technology and Engineering – SASI-ITE’24 Tadepalligudem, India in-person
18th International Conference ‘Sustainability, Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture: Interdisciplinary Perspective Kolkata, India online and in-person
19th 7th International Conference on Recent Trends In Bioengineering (ICRTB 2023) Pune, India in-person
31st One Day National Conference on Economic Prosperity & Sustainable Development Goals Bangalore, India online and in-person
February 2024
1st International Conference on Sustainable Materials for Engineering Applications (ICSMEA 2024) Chennai, India online and in-person
7th G20 Library Summit Pondicherry, India in-person
22nd International Conference on Management Research Bhubaneswar, India online and in-person
23rd Int Conf Advancements in Materials, Design and Manufacturing for Sustainable Development coimbatore, India online and in-person
March 2024
6th International Conference on Innovative Sustainable Development in Management (ICISDM-2024) Salem, India online and in-person
14th 3rd International Conference: 'Intertwining Sustainability with Mission LiFE Gandhinagar, India online and in-person
15th ICRISST 2024 Bengaluru, India in-person
21st International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Decent Work in the era of Sustainable Development Goals Pune, India in-person

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